BoNa Experience
Posted on: 12th of September 2008 | Under: Palate Pleaser

BoNa Coffee, located in BF Parañaque, is one place that a lot of bloggers (including Venice) have been raving about recently. Since I myself am a sucker for good coffee, and because it’s just a quick drive from my house, I vowed to try it out while in Manila.

On my second day back, I found some time to spare, so I headed straight to BoNa to spend some quality time with myself. As soon as I entered the door, I was greeted by a group of extra friendly baristas behind the counter. I’m quite used to baristas greeting customers upon entering, but somehow the ones at BoNa were different. They were sincere with their greetings, speaking softly with genuine smiles on their faces; totally different from the “hello” and “good days” baristas usually just shout out to entering customers in more commercialized coffee shops (eg. Starbucks).

The place itself was slightly different from other coffee shops. It was dimly-lit and was embellished with eclectic furniture pieces and accessories. Contemporary chairs and sofas were paired with antique coffee tables and display cabinets. I loved it’s small and cozy ambiance, and how it made me feel so much at home.

The coffee and food didn’t disappoint me either. My order of skinny latte and chocolate orange muffin were a perfect combination. And they (everything that they serve, actually) were also low in fat and calories! My palate was overwhelmingly pleased for something quite healthy!

Another perk that made me stay longer than planned was their free Wi-Fi! Before leaving for Singapore I was always in a constant search for coffee shops around the metro with free internet services. For a geek like me, nothing gets better than being able to surf while having my cup of coffee. I’ve tried many other coffee shops with free internet, but have always been disappointed with their slow connections. BoNa’s Wi-Fi was F-A-S-T! No Page Timeouts! I was on cyber heaven! My MacBook was just as happy as I was! Maybe next time I should bring a Bluetooth headset, so I can watch one or two videos too. =P

I enjoyed my BoNa experience so much that I’m sure I would probably become a regular there if I still lived in Manila. I should drop by again before we head back to Singapore on Sunday. There are a lot more drinks on their menu that I want to try out. =)

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5 Comments to “BoNa Experience”

  1. kat carneo says:

    I was just blghopping and I’m quite pleased to see you’ve been to BoNa and loved it (well, who wouldn’t?)I myself am not a BoNa regular, but my boyfriend works there (Ferdie, I think he was assigned to BF this month) and I get a supply of muffins from him. They have another branch in WestGate Alabang, and another one coming up in Mall of Asia. They’re also expanding overseas, but I don’t know about Singapore yet

  2. anna says:

    Hi Kat! Thanks for dropping by. =) I was actually at BoNa the other night. My boyfriend and I were there until closing, because we wanted to stay up until our 6am flight back to Singapore. I didn’t get the names of the baristas who were there at the time, but maybe one of them was your boyfriend. =) Yeah, I heard about their Alabang branch and how they’re opening up in a few other places in Manila… hopefully they’ll branch out in Singapore too. =P

  3. aissa says:

    Hey my house is also near bona!!! I loovve their chocolate orange muffins! but sadly its only available during wednesdays. Love that place! you should also try crossing the street frm bona to jeeks nex timet you’re here in Manila and try their Pizza Margarita (P95 for a whole!) yummy :)

  4. anna says:

    Aissa: Oooh, the first muffin I tried from BoNa was the Chocolate Orange Muffin. =P I didn’t know they were only available on Wednesdays. I loved them too. =) And I must try out Jeeks when I go back, because I love Pizza Margaritas! And it sounds like they’re priced reasonably too. =)

  5. Wonderful stuff.. really very informative. I’ll grab the RSS feed and will stay tuned for more. Oh, and I threw you a StumbleUpon vote ;)