We’re Flying Back to Manila (Again)
Posted on: 22nd of September 2008 | Under: Life & Love

JR and I will be flying back home to Manila again for another couple of days early tomorrow morning. I wish I could say that our trip would be one of leisure (maybe like those picking and seeking out Barbados villa rentals), but unfortunately our sudden trip (yet again) is due to a rather saddening event; JR‘s dad passed away yesterday.

Even though we wished to have been by his side during his last few minutes alive, we are still very glad that we were able to see and spend time with him when we flew back last week.

Rest in Peace, Tito Pat. We are sad that you’re no longer with us, but more happy because we know that you’re finally resting peacefully (just as you wished). We love you!

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3 Comments to “We’re Flying Back to Manila (Again)”

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Anna. Pasabi kay JR condolence.

  2. […] was a rather emotional month, because we lost JR’s father. In the five years that I knew him, he always made me feel that I was really part of the family. We […]