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There’s No Place Like Home
Posted on: 30th of October 2008 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Life & Love

The homesickness bug has finally bitten me. I miss my home in Manila. I miss my family.

I also missed doing my moleskine art. It has been almost three months since I last touched my paint brushes, so yesterday I took out a fresh moleskine sketchbook and started working. And as I was browsing online, I stumbled on this lovely quote:

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave,
and grow old wanting to go back to.”

– John Ed Pearce.

It’s so true, and I feel every word speaking to me.

But either way, I’m still happy where I am. Love is overflowing. Being with him is home too. <3

I Miss My Old Job
Posted on: 29th of October 2008 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Okay, that’s not exactly a hundred percent true, because I hated the stress that went with it, but I miss my old job because of my ex-officemates. We were the best team to ever grace Ethan Allen Manila. Really, we were. Even the other designers and managers can attest to it. We did everything together: from helping each other work on design proposals, to food tripping, road trips, Boracay trips, watching videos (we used to sneak in DVDs during weekends! lol!), to just plain wandering around the showroom to test/play with the tv lifts. Our bond and team work is just irreplaceable.

I can’t wait for December! A couple of them are flying into Singapore to visit two of us who are now living here. =)

I Won 2nd Place!
Posted on: 27th of October 2008 | Under: Geek Talk

Thanks to those who voted last week! =)

I’m still part of the 132nd week round of voting, so you can still head on over there and send me some loving. =)

For the Love of Being a Girl
Posted on: 27th of October 2008 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I am a girl who loves clothes, shoes, bags, mirrors, makeup, and everything that can be classified as kikay. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually quite a geek who likes to bury my head between books, but I love being girly too. And I’m very lucky, because the boyfriend supports my love for pretty things. Try reading through my archives, and the proof is there.

A few days before our fifth anniversary, the boyfriend even took me to a MAC shopping spree! Look at what I took home:

  • Paint Pot in Painterly. I use it as an eyeshadow base, and it keeps my makeup intact. I even fell asleep with my makeup on one afternoon and woke up with my eyes still looking all glam.
  • Eyeshadow 1: Bronze (Frost).
  • Eyeshadow 2: Black Tied (Velvet).
  • Eyeshadow 3: Dreammaker (Starflash).
  • Eyeshadow 4: Honey Lust (Lustre).
  • Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved.
  • Blending brush #217. Before heading off to the Mac store, I was already set on getting the #222 brush, but it turns out that they don’t even sell it here in SIngapore. :-/ I’ll have to ask my cousin in Canada to get it for me instead.

I am a spoilt little girl, aren’t I? <3