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Posted on: 24th of November 2008 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Geek Talk

I haven’t touched a T-square or any other drafting material in over two years. I have already shifted to using AutoCAD, because it’s really a whole lot easier and faster to use. But, now I’m back to the old-school manual drafting, because my new work doesn’t have a licensed copy of AutoCAD yet.

I have been reconnected with my lovely drafting supplies: triangles, scales, tech pens, clutch pencils, rulers, etc. (no horse supplies). It was fun for the first few days, but the whole process has become quite a tiresome job already. Changes to the floor plans and detailed drawings are being made every single day, and being able to alter them with a few clicks on the computer is just so much more efficient than having to re-do an entire drawing manually.

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2 Comments to “Back to Manual Drafting”

  1. chichi says:

    i miss manual drafting.. :)

  2. anna says:

    Chichi: I missed it too… but now I miss AutoCAD! hahaha!