The Red Cups Are Here
Posted on: 5th of November 2008 | Under: Palate Pleaser

My all-time favorite drink at Starbucks is Toffee Nut Latte, and I find that it’s such a bummer that it’s only available during the Christmas season. The rest of the year, I always order a cup of caramel machiatto and ask for hazelnut syrup instead of the usual vanilla. I learned it from a nice barrista who shared the tip with me several years ago. It almost tastes like Toffee Nut Latte, and I love it.

Either way, I am still one of those who perk up when I know that the Red Cup Season is near. Yesterday officially started the season, so I rushed out to finally have my favorite fix. Seeing the red menu board and the barristas in their red polo shirts was as much of a treat than having coffee itself.

Toffee Nut Latte, I missed you! I enjoyed an hour in my comfy seat reading my book, munching on my Floss from Bread Talk and sipping my cup of goodness. <3

Unfortunately, Singapore doesn’t have the Starbucks Planner gimmick like in Manila, so I guess I’ll have to break my yearly tradition of collecting stickers to get one or two (I collected three back in 2006!) planners. But I’m not too concerned about it, because from the photos Venice shared in her blog, it’s not as inviting as I hoped. I’ll probably just get another Moleskine planner for 2009.

On other news, my brother and his partner are going country hopping (no Outer Banks rentals though) for two and a half weeks, and they’re flying into Singapore tomorrow for three days. =) I’m excited to see them, and excited to get my goodies too! Haha! I’ll share what I made him bring me in my next post. =)

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6 Comments to “The Red Cups Are Here”

  1. Shereen says:

    haha!! this post contains a few of my fav things! :)
    b) Toffee Nut Latte
    c) Zara

    I have been on a Starbucks-free ‘new year resolution’ for the past 10 months or so.. but I forsee myself rushing to starbucks for a cup of Toffee Nut SOON! :D

  2. ate janz says:

    i wonder if the red cups are out in our local starbucks. i haven’t been there in a week already. they weren’t there yet last week. i’m gonna check for snowman cookies too while i’m at it. :)

  3. anna says:

    Shereen: I loved the book! I was by the end of it while I was at Starbucks, and had a hard time fighting the tears! Lol! <3 I gotta hand it to you for being able to stay away from Starbucks for 10 months! That’s sooo long! I can only go as far as a month. Haha! And with the Toffee Nut available right now, it’ll be so much harder to stay away… in fact, I just had another cup after dinner! Haha! =P

  4. anna says:

    ate janz: I’m sure they’re out over there soon too. Enjoy your cup! =) Oh, and those snowman cookies sound delish!!! XD

  5. toni says:

    Aww! I can’t wait to read that book :) I’ve been planning to do so for almost a year now, I still don’t have the chance.

    We have the same favorite!! As for the planner, I’m actually very happy with how it turned out. I told myself that if I don’t like it, i’ll get a Moleskine planner. To my surprise, it turned out exactly the way I want it, red and neat. Although its not as elaborate and pretty as last year, I like it a lot. :) Getting to have my favorite coffee with the planner i really wanted is just more than worth every penny.

  6. anna says:

    Toni: You’ll love the book! =) And yay for Toffee Nut Latte! Hehe! I haven’t seen the planner in actual… photos lang. So I can’t really decide if I want it or not. Maybe when I go home in December. =P