Highlights of 2008
Posted on: 11th of January 2009 | Under: Life & Love, Thoughts & Emotions

2008 was a rather eventful year for me, and because I feel like it, I will recall the memories in bullet form:

  • I greeted 2008 at home with JR and my family. The best way to start the new year!
  • In March, my moleskine art was one among thirty others chosen to be exhibited at the Moleskine booth at the London Book Fair.  It was an opportunity that really took me by surprise. Most of the other artists were from Europe and the USA. Only two of us were Asians (the other was from Japan), and it somehow made me a proud Filipina for being able to represent the Philippines alongside other more prominent Nationalities.
  • I flew off for a quick trip to Singapore for JR’s birthday in April. Being physically apart for almost a year (although he did fly back to Manila for vacation several times), I just couldn’t let his special day pass without spending it with him.
  • Early into the year, work at Ethan Allen became a never ending roller coaster ride. I was no longer happy and satisfied that in the middle of the year, I finally decided to file my resignation. It was a decision that I had a hard time making, because as exhausting as it was (the work, that is), I was sad to leave my office mates.
  • For my 25th Birthday, my family and I went on a three-day trip to Hong Kong. We used to travel a lot, but ever since we moved back to the Philippines, we’ve all been caught up in our own lives that we never had the time and chance to go on a getaway together. Spending time with them on my birthday was definitely a treat, especially since two weeks later I would be leaving them to live in another country.
  • In the middle of June, I packed my bags and moved to Singapore. It was one giant leap that I finally had the will power to take. No regrets whatsoever, because I believe that in the last seven months, I have grown immensely, both personally and career-wise. Finally being with the boyfriend has been wonderful, and like he said, “in our five years of being together, this is probably our happiest year yet.” =)
  • On the third week of July, I was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer for my moleskine art. It was a surprisingly big article, and was definitely another “I made my family proud” moment. =D
  • September was a rather emotional month, because we lost JR’s father. In the five years that I knew him, he always made me feel that I was really part of the family. We miss him, but we know that he is happy where he is now.
  • October 2008 marked our 5th year together. Our dinner celebration was probably our best Anniversary to date. <3
  • I moved to Singapore to primarily look for work. It was a lot harder than I thought, but after several months of applying and going to job interviews, I finally joined a company in the middle of November. It has been quite stressful, but I’m coping. Besides, I believe I already learned a lot of new things.
  • 2008 was also the year that I finally got to read more. A total of seventeen books. I was hoping to read more, but once I started working again, I could no longer find the time to read. I’m hoping 2009 would be more generous with leisure time, so I can indulge myself in books more.
  • To end the year, JR and I flew back to Manila for close to two weeks. It was definitely what I needed. An opportunity to de-stress and spend time with my family who I missed a lot. I wish I had more time to do more shopping though (perhaps some Rackmount monitor? Probably not). I found myself rushing every time I was at the mall, that I flew back to Singpaore forgetting to buy a couple of goodies I intended to.

I greeted 2009 at home with my family and JR. The perfect way to start the year, I must say. I’m hoping this year will be another fruitful one. =)

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8 Comments to “Highlights of 2008”

  1. Lei says:

    Wow I didn’t know about the London Book Fair. Astig! :) And I saw your flickr moleskin art gallery ang ganda nga… No wonder nasama ka dun sa mga exhibits na yun and napublish din sa Inquirer. I think I knew about the Inquirer thingy kasi I read it mismo.. Weird nga kasi d naman ako palabasa ng newspaper pero 1 day I decided to read yung newspaper ng dad ko since everyday meron kaming Inquirer at yun nakita ko yung article about the moleskin art.. Nagdalawang isip pa ako kung ikaw ba yung Anna hahaha! Congrats and I’m proud of you!

    Ang sarap siguro nung situation nyo ng bf mo.. I mean lagi na kasi kayo magkasama :) Kami 8 years pero once a week lang nagkikita :( And siguro hindi rin mangyayari if ever we decide to work abroad.. I don’t think papayagan kami ng mga parents namin :( Hay… Oh well darating din siguro yun.. In God’s time. :)

    anna Reply:

    Lei: Hehe! Thanks! I really didn’t expect to get chosen for the exhibit. I even thought the whole thing was a joke at first. I started making my paintings, because it was a great past time, and I missed making art. Never did I think that I would be given a chance like that. =) And yeah, JR and I are happy to be together. Of course my parents were totally against it at first, but they also know that we’re already old enough to decide for ourselves. They already trust us and they also know that we can take care of each other well naman. =) And oo nga, ang tagal nyo na ng bf mo. I can even remember from way back when I first met you (online), kayo na nun. Don’t worry, In God’s Time talaga lahat. =)

  2. toni says:

    definitely a good year! :) may 09 be better!

    anna Reply:

    Toni: Yes, it was. =) Hope you’re having a wonderful 2009 so far! =)

  3. markey says:

    hello anna, im also planning to move to singapore to look for job. is it ok pa ba or super hirap na maghanap ng work now?

    anna Reply:

    Markey: Hi! Well, from my experience, it was quite hard finding the right one. But I guess it also depends on the work you’re looking for, as well as your work experience. =)

  4. ate janz says:

    looks like 2008 was year of milestones (i think that’s the word i’m looking for when it comes to big changes and stuff.) and big decisions. i am happy many good things have happened to you last year. i’m pretty sure this year will be a great one for you too. :)

    anna Reply:

    Ate Janz: Yes, it was. So many big changes for me, and after so many months, I’m still in the process of adjusting. But everything seems to be falling into place naman. =) I’m looking forward to 2009. I know it’s going to be full of adventures too. =) Hope the new year is treating you well so far! =)