Another Moleskine Project
Posted on: 30th of March 2009 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

If you’re a regular visitor of my blog, then you would know how much I love painting in my moleskine sketchbooks. My first moleskine art was exhibited at the London Book Fair last April 2008, while my second set has been exhibted around several European cities (Milan, Rome, Turin, Frankfurt) and is still currently with Moleskine Italy.

Two weeks ago, Moleskine Italy contacted me to do another project for them again. A new set of moleskine notebooks will be available in the market by mid-April, and they sent me one to fill up in time for this year’s London Book Fair (which is next month already!!).

The new moleskine notebooks (called Moleskine Folio) will come in two new sizes: A4 and A3. Perfect sizes for artists who enjoy the freedom of space. They sent me an A4 sketchbook, and at first I was a little hesistant drawing on a bigger space that I’m used to (I used the pocket size in my previous moleskine art), but I quickly fell in love with it. I like how I don’t have to squeeze my illustrations in the small pages anymore. =)

Here’s a comparison of the different moleskine sizes:


A4, Large, Pocket

See how big the A4 is compared to the pocket? =P

Anyway, I’ve been quite busy filling the pages up these past few days. Here are two of my recent works:


Done in gouache and soft pastels. I love my polaroid! Digicams are also great, but I tend to snap too many photos with my digicam. It’s probably one of the reasons why my mac’s hard drive has been suffering! I really need to clean up its memory soon. Or maybe get a new dell memory or something. Polaroids are great, because they print instant memories. Each photo is always unique and personal. <3 Save Polaroid!


Done in gouache. You can never be too full for dessert! =P This is my second edition of this illustration. See the first one here. :)

To view the rest of the pages (it’s still a work in progress, though) head on over to my flickr.

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9 Comments to “Another Moleskine Project”

  1. Wow.. nice.. I love Moleskine like mad too.. I cannot draw so I am using it for my notes and my reminders and my own to do list.. I dun think i will ever go back to another different notebook ever after :)

    anna Reply:

    chinesealbumart: Thanks! Yeah, I started off just using my moleskine as a normal notebook too, but then I realized that my gouache paints work really well on the sketchbook pages, so I started using it as my creative outlet too. :) Once you go moleskine, it really is hard stopping! =D

  2. toni says:

    bravo!!:) it makes me feel proud knowing that we’re friends in a way through the internet. it’s been great that we got to know each other through the internet :) [parang part two nung comment ko sa six years entry mo. haha]

    anna Reply:

    Toni: Hehe! Thanks, sweetie! I have a handful of online friends that I can say have become my true friends.. and even if I’ve known you for only a few years, I consider you one of them. =)

  3. Gabrielle says:

    Gosh, I love your works! :) I’m pretty artsy myself, and I was surfing and looking for available Polaroids here in the Philippines until I stumbled upon your site. :)

    I really want your Instax Mini 7s! Gahh. *dies of envy* I could consider myself a fan girl in a way, because the particular celebrity that I’m spazzing over has the exact same camera, and I want it badly. =)) You are so blessed! With your notebook traveling around the world like that. ;)

    anna Reply:

    Gabrielle: Aww, thanks for the sweet comments! :) Yeah, the Instax Mini 7s is a beauty! They’re a lot cheaper than the “real” polaroids too. :)

  4. Excelentes comentarios. Este blog es genial, adios!

  5. Un muy buen blog con interesante información, suerte! :)

  6. Interesantísimo artículo. Nos vemos!