Six Years
Posted on: 4th of April 2009 | Under: Geek Talk, Life & Love

This blog and domain turns six years today. Wow, I didn’t know that I’ve been blabbing that long! LOL! Prior to my purchasing this domain, I was hosted at another domain for over a year (if I remember correctly). Before that, I was blogging at several different places on the web (blogger, tabulas, diary-x, blurty, livejournal, and even my manually uploaded blogs on homestead and geocities!) for almost three years. Do the math and it calculates to ten years of jumping around the internet!

Throughout those years, I’ve probably talked about everything that there is to talk about oneself; From teenage angst and school, to family matters and matters of the heart, to even trivial things like the weather, random memes, cockroach kissing (I can point a few people who would probably remember this! haha!), to auto insurance. I’ve also met a lot of wonderful people online that I can say have become really good friends of mine too. And for those who don’t know, I even met my boyfriend of almost six years, through blogging. It’s really wonderful what the internet can do to a person. :)

So, in light of the six years of this blog, I’d like to ask everyone reading to drop a line or two in the comment box. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a long-time / regular reader or are just new or merely passing by, I’d still love to hear from you. :) Thanks!

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16 Comments to “Six Years”

  1. toni says:

    Awww!:) this is really nice ate anna. It’s been a pleasure to have been reading your blog for more than a year now. Two years na ba? I don’t know.
    Regardless, I pray that you will continue blogging.

    Btw, great job as always on your moleskine art! keep it up!

    anna Reply:

    Toni: Thanks, dear! And don’t worry, I think I will be blogging for quite a while. =)

  2. Guia says:

    I’ve always been a reader to your blog, Anna. Happy Anniversary =)

    anna Reply:

    Guia: Hehe! Onga, it’s been years, noh? =) thanks!

  3. Rachel says:

    COCKROACH KISSING!!! How’d we get to that, btw? :) Happy Anniversary! May you have many more blog entries to come! :) (I’m subscribing you to mine, btw X) )

    anna Reply:

    Rachel: Hahaha! We thought of the weirdest things, didn’t we? =P LOL! Glad to see you blogging again!!! It’s been ages!! =)

  4. Elaine says:

    Wow! Congratulations to your blog. 6 yrs of blogging, whew! and knowing you have met your bf thru blog is so amazing. :) Kelan kaya ang EB natin, you’re so near and yet so far. Hahaha :)

    anna Reply:

    Elaine: Thanks! 10 years of blogging na nga eh. It’s been really long na pala! Hehe! And yup, we met through our blogs. We were friends for about 2 years ata before we got together. Hehe! Onga! Ang lapit nyo lang! Let’s plan something soon. ;)

  5. leslie winkle says:

    hello. i am a reader of your blog. i actually forgot how ive come across this page because i’ve been reading your blog for about 2 or 3 years already. i really admire your writing, your passion for reading and your creativity. keep it up! :)

    anna Reply:

    Leslie Winkle: Hi there! It’s great to hear from people who read my blog. I’m glad you commented, and am happy that you’ve been reading for quite a while. You should comment more. I like getting to know my readers too. :) Do you blog?

  6. pawie says:

    congrats!!! happy 6 years in the web!

    anna Reply:

    Pawie: Thanks! :)

  7. jr says:

    wow. 6 years na ;)

    anna Reply:

    JR: Hahaha! =D

  8. Maria G. says:

    The only domain that I ever had that had some reputable anniversary was not a domain I could keep so you’re lucky. Happy sixth, and may there be more blogversarries to come! Haha! =)

    OMG! COCKROACH KISSING! *raises hand like crazy* I remember that! Do you also remember certain unfortunately named caterpillars? =P

    anna Reply:

    Maria G: Hahaha! It’s so hard letting go of this domain. Too many memories. =D Hahahaha! We used to think of the weirdest things, didn’t we?!? LOL! And how could I forget the caterpillar. That caterpillar is probably the only reason why I actually remember “that guy’s” name!!! Hahahah!