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Unwinding in Manila
Posted on: 16th of May 2009 | Under: Life & Love

I’m back in Manila for a ten-day trip. I arrived on Wednesday and have spent the entire week either at home or bonding with my mom and sister. The food has also been overwhelming. It’s difficult to ignore all the food whenever I’m in Manila. In fact, on my first day back, all I could just think about was what and where to eat! Good luck to my diet (no ephedrine diet pills)! LOL!

My dog, Gucci, has also made it pretty obvious that she’s thrilled to have me back home. She follows me everywhere and insists on sleeping next to me like she used to. <3


She’s a happy little mutt! =)


And I’m a happy mommy! =P


She loves me! Wheee! XD

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day with my family at out farm. Then next week I’m meeting up with different sets of friends.

It’s so good to be back home! <3

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S
Posted on: 12th of May 2009 | Under: Geek Talk

Lookie, I have new toy!


My new Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S in pink! <3

Finding film for my Polaroid Spirit 600 has been very difficult ever since Polaroid ceased its instant film production. I haven’t seen a single store in Singapore/Philippines (they don’t sell them at Dansko either) who have any stock left! The prices of the ones being sold online have even gone up, and that doesn’t even include shipping yet! It’s just so sad, because I really think Polaroids are great. They print instant memories, and each photo is always unique and personal.

While searching for cheap Polaroid 600 films online, I stumbled upon an LJ spree who sold the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S for a lower price. I had been wanting one for months, and I finally gave in, because it was a really good deal. :)


My new toy next to my beloved Polaroid Spirit 600.

The Instax Mini 7s is definitely no Polaroid, but it’s still a wonderful alternative. I still get that instant gratification upon seeing the result a few seconds after clicking. What can I say, I just love instant photos! <3

Fuji has even made additions to the basic experience of the classic Polaoroid. Unlike the Polaroid where the battery is part of the film cartridge, the Instax Mini has it’s own battery compartment (for 4 AA batteries) that’s part of the camera. The quality of the prints have also improved, with its automatic built-in flash, infinity focusing, a high quality Fujinon lens and a simple exposure control which you can switch according to your light conditions.


Instax Mini film vs. Polaroid 600 film.

Instax Mini films come smaller than the Polaroid 600 films. About the size of a credit card, they’re great to stash inside a wallet. To top it off, the films are also a lot cheaper than the Polaroid 600!

I just found out that the films are cheaper in Manila, so I’m gonna go stock up when I fly back. ^_^

Dancing is Love
Posted on: 11th of May 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Paula Abdul’s song and dance performance on American Idol last week brought back a lot of dancing memories for me. I thought her choreography was spot on. It made me miss my younger days when a group of friends and I would gather and choreograph dances to perform during church or school gatherings.

I love love love dancing. It’s the best workout. No diet or weight loss pills can compare, because it’s essentially both fun and exercise at the same time. I even joined Fitness First two years ago, because I wanted to take Body Jam classes. No matter how tired I was from work, I would still drive down to the gym for the one hour session.

Dancing always brings me to a natural high, and I terribly miss it. <3

American Idol 2009 Top 3
Posted on: 7th of May 2009 | Under: Entertainment

So, this year’s American Idol Top 3 are Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey.


I wasn’t too surprised. I predicted this all-male final. These three have had the most number of fans since the Top 12 were chosen, and I was certain their fans just wouldn’t let them down. But based on last night’s performance (Rock Week), where Danny was obviously the weakest among the four, I was really hoping for him to go. I reckon the judges (except for Simon) were too nice to him. His last note was just awful, but America still made him safe from elimination (safer than getting wholesale term life insurance, perhaps?). And Allison’s performance was definitely way better than his, even if the judges thought otherwise.


I loved Allison’s look during the Rat Pack week (photo above). So glam rock!

I cried while watching Allison’s final song. She’s not exactly my favorite (I love Adam, by the way), but I thought she rocked it. Probably the best elimination song I’ve heard this season. I’m sad that she had to go, but American Idol winner or not, I think she’s gonna go far!

Can’t wait for next week’s performance from the Top 3. Let’s see if America made the right choice by voting the all-male final.

**Photo credits go to (Rat Pack week).