Pinoy Plurkers / Bloggers Fiesta in Singapore
Posted on: 2nd of May 2009 | Under: Life & Love

In the years that I’ve been blogging, I can generally count with my fingers the number of times I’ve gone out to meet other bloggers. I’ve never really been active with blogger events. In fact, in the last couple of years, I hardly even visit new blogs. I still visit and read those that I’ve been constantly reading for years, but I don’t bloghop much anymore.

But eversince I moved here in Singapore, meeting other bloggers has somewhat become more fun for me. Perhaps having a great time meeting Ederic, Alex and Leonard last December made me more excited about meeting new people.

So last week, I was glad to meet with other Pinoy plurkers/bloggers over dinner and a round of drinks after. I met up with April, waited for JR to get off work (web programming jobs, yo!), then walked to The Esplanade. I’m happy we went, because it was a definitely one great night with yummy Thai food, free dessert, free wine too (!!!), and fun (funny? =P) company.

Here’s the bunch:


Jing, Alex, Aileen (who was visiting from Manila), Drew, Jaren, Kat, Kates, Bel, Jansci (the one in yellow, hiding behind Bel =P), JR, me and April. Missing in this photo is Carl. =P


Alex organized the dinner. And Aileen being in Singapore was actually the reason why the gathering took place. :)


We had dinner at Thai Express, and we received 5 plates of dessert for free! *ahem*ahem*


…and a bottle of red wine too! Don’t ask how! LOL!


JR, April and I. :)


Another group shot (minus Carl again!) before moving to Harry’s Bar for some drinks.


Everyone ordered beer and shots of jagermeister…


…while I opted for a frozen strawberry margarita. <3


Finally, a picture with Carl! =P


Cheers to new plurker/blogger friends! =D

It was a fun, fun night. And I know it won’t be my last meeting new bloggers. =D

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12 Comments to “Pinoy Plurkers / Bloggers Fiesta in Singapore”

  1. Ederic says:

    Wow, andami n’yo, ah. At kasama ninyo ang one and only Bb. Google-Earth Pilipinas. :-)

    anna Reply:

    Ederic: Onga, di ko alam na ganun pala karami pupunta. =P Hahaha! Sayang wala ka, nag showdown sana kayo ni Ms. Google! LOL!

  2. Missing in Action lagi si Carl. Hindi nag-aayang mag-yosi. Hehehe. = P

    Saya ng Plurk Fiesta. Hindi ko din inexpect na madami ang pupunta, considering wala tayo sa Pinas. Sana nasiyahan din ‘yung iba. = D

    anna Reply:

    Gasdude: Kaya ba palaging nawawala si Carl? Yosi break pala! Haha! Ang dami nga eh. It was loads of fun! Sana maulit ulit…soon! =D

  3. chetz says:

    that’s so cool. so many bloggers. and Bel is in Singapore na rin? Awesomeeeee!!

    anna Reply:

    Ate Chetz: Yup, Bel’s been here for a while na rin. And we hang out with her quite a lot. =D

  4. chetz says:

    kakainggit naman kayo! I enjoy lookn at pics! Post some more ha!

    anna Reply:

    Ate Chetz: Will sure do! =D hehe!

  5. ate janz says:

    haha… that margarita looks good. i know this sounds crazy, but i never tried one. i really should. haha… even just one glass.

    meeting up with the other bloggers seems like a lot of fun. yeah, especially when there are new people in the bunch. the more, the merrier. :)

    thanks for the welcome back. it sure is great to be back. i really missed blogging. i was excited to show all my hauls already. hahaha… oh, the shimmer palette is awesome. you should get that one too. the colors are pretty and last long too. :)

    wow. looks like there are lot of fun spots to visit in singapore. hopefully i can visit someday. take care and enjoy your weekend. :)

    anna Reply:

    Ate Janz: Margaritas are love! You should try it.. and if you’re not much of an alcohol drinker, you can always ask the bartender to go easy on the booze. =D And yeah, meeting bloggers is a lot of fun. I wonder when I’ll finally get to see you in person! We’ve known each other for soooo long na! Hopefully soon! =D As for makeup… I’m actually trying to cut down on the makeup spending. I haven’t gone into a MAC store since December, can you believe it? =P Haha! So yeah, hanggang internet na lang muna makeup obsession ko. Haha! But yeah, I’ll have to break the MAC-free record, because I need to replace my almost empty powder foundation! I have to control myself when I’m there though. I’m scared I’ll come out of the store with more makeup than I actually need! LOL! =P

  6. melrose says:

    hey! blogger ka right? try this blogging contest :)

  7. eugene says:

    awesome! i’ve been looking for plurkers (one search counts right) here in SG as well. Hope I can join you guys soon. I’ll be there for the next one :)