Weddings Are Love
Posted on: 6th of May 2009 | Under: Life & Love

I love going to weddings. The entire thing from the diamond engagement rings, to the preparations, to the “I do’s” and all the way to the reception. I always get teary-eyed seeing brides walking down the aisle to their groom. There’s just always so much love in weddings! <3

It’s specially more heartwarming when the bride happens to be one of your closest friends.


I went to Dinesh and Cecilia’s ROM back in 2006. JR and I flew here to Singapore just to see these two. The whole ceremony was beautiful; the bride, the groom and the love those two have for each other was inspiring.

Next month, on the day of my birthday to be exact, these two are finally having their church wedding. JR and I are going to be there as their witnesses (I’m one of her bridesmaids too!), and I just can’t wait! It’s also an excuse for us to fly to Brunei (where the church wedding will take place), and I’m equally excited about that too. After ten years, I’m finally going back to the place I called home for a little over six years! (:

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