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Night Shoot
Posted on: 29th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

For the last leg of the Wedding Celebration, the group got dolled up and put on our gowns and suits. We walked around Orchard, posing all over the place (including standing in the middle of the busy Orchard road!) while our photographer took glam shots of the group. It was rather tiring having to walk in our heels, so we ended up just heading to Clarke Quay for dinner in the middle of it.


All dressed up, with our photographer sneakily squeezing into the shot! LOL!


The ladies. Don’t we all look color-coordinated? It wasn’t planned at all. =P

sg-night 2

Group shot! :) Photo by Pausebybald.


Celebration No. 2 – Singapore
Posted on: 29th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Cil and Dee’s Wedding in Brunei was an event that took up an entire day, but it wasn’t the end of it. The following weekend, another grande celebration was held back in Singapore. There was a ceremony held in one of the temples in Little India, followed by a lunch reception at Holiday Inn. In the evening a bunch of us also walked around the streets of Orchard for a photo shoot.

It was another long and tiring day, but again, a fun-filled one.

Sharing several photos for you guys:


The bride and groom during the temple ceremony. Such a happy couple! :)


The bride looking gorgeous and us ladies crowding around her. :)


My Moleskine Works Exhibited
Posted on: 18th of July 2009 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

If you follow me on Twitter or read my Facebook statuses from time to time, then you would’ve probably seen my update about my Moleskine Folio Art being featured on the front page of about two weeks ago. For those who missed it, here’s a screenshot of it:


Click image for a full view. :)

It was a small feature on me, together with the six other artists who also donated their moleskine notebooks to Moleskine and Lettera27. That was the front page of when the feature came out, and yes, that’s a page from my notebook.

You may still read the short article here.

Since I’m also in constant contact with Marsida of Moleskine Srl (Italy), she happily sent me more photos of the London exhibit where our notebooks were exhibited last April. I’ll share a few of them with you guys:


Wish I could visit one of the exhibits one day!


The crowd, looking at the artworks.


The lady on the right is looking through my notebook! :)

Marsida also sent photos of my 2nd Set of Moleskine Sketchbook Art. I was informed that it has been exhibited around several cities in Europe:

  • Rome, Librerie Feltrinelli piazza Argentina, for 1 month
  • Milan, librerie Frltrinelli piazza Duomo, for 1 month
  • Torino, librerie Frltrinelli piazza CNL, for 1 month
  • Berlin, Hugendubel Tauentzienstraße, for 2 months
  • Frankfurt, Paperworld Internationale Frankfurter Messe

That list was given to me back in May, and I was told that it would be brought to a handful more cities (around the UK and Denmark too) after that. I don’t have the current list as of the moment, but I reckon my notebook’s just so lucky for being able to tour around Europe that long! Ugghh, I wish I was a notebook myself! LOL!

Here are several photos taken in Germany:


Unlike the other Moleskine events where my notebook would just be showcased along with other artists, these exhibits only featured my artwork. :)


This message came from the lady who was in charge of the exhibits in Germany: “The enclosed images are of paperworld Fair Frankfurt and of earlybird Lifestyle Fair Hamburg in 2009. I hope Anna Marie V. Avanceña will agree with them, because my college Ute Henrichfreise likes her work like me – there are such nice themes in it, so we took good care of it.”


Check out my notebook on the bottom right, showcased inside the acrylic enclosure. =D

Collaborating with Moleskine has been such a joy. Not only do I get to do what I enjoy most, which is make art, I also get to see the care and importance they put into showcasing them. :)

The Wedding
Posted on: 15th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Did I mention that I turned 26 last June 1? I guess I didn’t, didn’t I? That’s because I was happily running around being a Maid of Honor the entire day. :)

Wedding photos, as promised:


I love these two! They made me run around on my birthday (with only 2 hours sleep, might I add!?), but I enjoyed every minute of it! <3


I missed the first half of the Gate Keeping, because I was the last one to get my hair done, but I still managed to join in on the fun when we tortured the guys into doing things for us. LOL!


The Four Sisters complete after 10 years!!! I truly love these girls. <3