Night Shoot
Posted on: 29th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

For the last leg of the Wedding Celebration, the group got dolled up and put on our gowns and suits. We walked around Orchard, posing all over the place (including standing in the middle of the busy Orchard road!) while our photographer took glam shots of the group. It was rather tiring having to walk in our heels, so we ended up just heading to Clarke Quay for dinner in the middle of it.


All dressed up, with our photographer sneakily squeezing into the shot! LOL!


The ladies. Don’t we all look color-coordinated? It wasn’t planned at all. =P

sg-night 2

Group shot! :) Photo by Pausebybald.


It seems that I don’t like listening to instructions. We were told to look back since the photographer was behind us… but look at what I was doing! HAHA!


Escalators are great for photo-ops!


The hunky men with the gorgeous lady. :)


Photo by Pausebybald, taken inside Orchard Central. I love this shot. It looked like we had our own studio or something. :)


Tough guys wear pink. ^_~


We got tired of walking around in our heels, so we headed off to Clarke Quay to just have dinner. Bumped into April, Kaye and the guys at the bridge, where I had a strong feeling they were going to be that night! =P


Had a scrumptious dinner at Hot Stones. Our table.


With the newlyweds! :)


Before leaving the restaurant, I noticed that an entire wall was mirrored. This is what happens when I see mirrors! HAHA!


Sofian, our wonderful photographer takes a break. HAHA!


Back at the hotel. But before we headed up for a night of drinks, the ladies took one last shot together. We’re all such cam-whores, really.

The whole wedding was probably the longest celebration I’ve ever been involved in. It was quite exhausting that I spent several days catching up on lots and lots of sleep after. The lines around my eyes started showing too! Must really search for the best wrinkle cream out there to get rid of them!!!

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  1. chetzmosa says:

    you girls look lovely!!! i love the pics!

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Ate Chetz! =D