Celebrating Six Years Together
Posted on: 19th of October 2009 | Under: Life & Love, Palate Pleaser

It is of no question that JR and I both love food. We enjoy treating ourselves to scrumptious meals together, whether it be home cooked, fast food or fancy dining. Even in the early stages of our relationship, we were always happy eating together. That’s why, to celebrate our sixth year together last Friday, food was of course a big highlight of our day. :)

I started the day early by getting up while JR was still snoring away in dreamland. I whipped up a meal for both of us, and surprised him with breakfast in bed:

Breakfast in bed!

Our favorite breakfast treat: bacon and pancakes!

The smell of the food wafting from the kitchen had  already jostled him from his sleep before I even brought him the tray of goodies, but he stayed in bed and let me surprise him anyway. :)

For dinner, we wanted something a little more fancy, so we reserved a table at Novus.

Novus Resto

We hadn’t really heard of the restaurant until only a few days before. Nestled inside the Singapore National Museum, we quickly agreed that it was just the perfect place to celebrate our relationship.

What a wise choice it was, because we were definitely not left disappointed.

The food was delectable! We chose our meals a-la-carte, and started off by sharing our starter:


Angus Beef and Buffalo Mozzarella Carpaccio garnished with Parmesan Flakes and Celeriac Julienne with Hazelnut Dressing.

This was simply divine! The mozzarella cheese snuggled at the center of the thinly-sliced beef was a surprising treat that got us emptying our plates in no time!

For our main course, JR opted for beef:


Black Angus Beef wrapped with Spinach and Ricotta Crust served with Rosemary Pearl Potatoes and Beetroot Reduction.

While I ordered lamb:

Lamb Shank!

Braised Lamb Shank with Barolo Wine garnished with Saffron Risotto and Diced Garden Vegetables.

Both our dishes were cooked to perfection. Each bite burst with flavor in our mouths that every forkful became a treat to savor.

He was happy.

Happy JR

And so was I. :)

Happy me!

See, we were both hap-hap-happy! =D


Our main course left us full to the brim, but dessert is something we could never pass, so we each ordered something to please our pallates even more. =P

JR’s Dessert:


Zucotto with Chocolate Chips, Whipped Cream and Chopped Almonds.

My Dessert:

Chocolate Volcano!

Warm Chocolate Volcano Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop.

They were perfect treats to our toothsome cravings, that we finished them down to the last crumb! =D

To add on to the dozens of different flavors throughout our dinner, we also ordered two glasses of celebratory champagne:


These, we enjoyed throughout our entire meal. :)

Cheers! :)


Our entire dining experience was pleasantly satisfying. Both food and service were excellent, with very little waiting time in between our courses. Maybe we were just lucky that we were there on a not-so-busy evening, but either way, it’s a place we would definitely love to dine in again. :)

Before leaving, we wandered around in the museum. The exhibits were already closed (no viewing of any Singapore history, food, fashion, or auto accessories for the day), but we found an interesting spot at the lobby where we spent a few minutes fooling around with the camera:

Ang turista.

At the meeting point. Haha!



If it isn’t already obvious, yes, we do love the camera! LOL!

Happy 6! :)

It was another well-spent Anniversary celebration over good food and great company. Six years down, and a whole lot more to go. :)

Happy 6 years to us, my love! <3

**More photos in my multiply. :)

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6 Comments to “Celebrating Six Years Together”

  1. ate janz says:

    congratulations to you and JR. :) looks you guys had a fun and food-filled celebration. :D my, what fancy food you guys enjoyed there. i am getting hungrier and hungrier as i look at your chocolate volcano cake. hehe… looks scrumptious.

    i wish you two more anniversaries to come and i know for sure you will have more fun and food filled ones. hehe… :D

    oh yes, i am looking forward to the look your revlon quad will bring. i’m sure it’s a pretty look. oh, and that reminds me, i still have yet to come up with the look for my hard candy duo.

    take care, anz. :)

    anna Reply:

    Ate janz: Thank you! And yes, it was a food-filled celebration. :) You know how much I love food! LOL! =D

  2. Maria Celina says:

    Happy six years to you and JR! The celebration really sounded like a good one, from the breakfast in bed to the dinner in the Singapore National Museum (a building that I totally love; btw, did you see the dancing red chandeliers in the upper floors?).

    Here’s to many, many more years to come for the both of you. =)

    anna Reply:

    Maria: Thanks! :) We weren’t able to go around much in the museum. :( Since it was already past nine in the evening when we finished dinner, the lights were already off in some sections. We didn’t get the chance to check out the other floors. I’ll make sure to try and go back next time. :)

  3. nancy says:

    wow congrats and many more anniversaries to come :)

    anna Reply:

    Nancy: Thanks, dear! :)