Bintan Getaway – Day 2
Posted on: 12th of November 2009 | Under: Travel Junkie

** Day 1 of our Bintan Getaway posted HERE.

Since it was our last day at the resort, we planned to wake up early enough to be able to catch the sunrise and squeeze in as many activities as we could before having to leave. We wanted to go biking, take the nature walk, then maybe try the Laser Quest. Unfortunately, we were so comfortable under the covers that we absentmindedly snoozed our alarms four or five times, resulting to us missing the sunrise by almost two hours. By that time, all we could just think about was food, so we headed down to the restaurant for our complimentary breakfast buffet.

We filled our plates with pancakes, bacon, sausages and egg, then had cereals and chicken curry with rice too.

Chicken Curry

We forgot to take photos of the other food, so we resorted to just taking photos of each other just to capture the moment. =P



The boyfie.

The boyfie.

We scrapped our initial plans to try out the other resort activities and walked down to the main pool instead. We just had to. This view was just so inviting:

Main Pool

Bintan Lagoon Resort in HDR.

There, we lounged under the sun.


And frolicked in the water.

Water loving!

And because our beach lounging was cut short the previous day, we decided to walk back to the beach again.

Remember when I mentioned two posts ago that every corner in Bintan Lagoon Resort was stunningly picturesque? Well, I managed to capture this lovely view on the way back to the beach:


It was a lovely morning. The weather was just perfect!

Back at the beach, the sound of the crashing waves soothed us to laze around in our lounge chairs.

Beach Lounging

I could spend the whole day at the beach just doing nothing! =P

While JR dozed off in his chair, I let my feet sink in the sand.

Sand Between my Toes ♥

I wanted to walk along the shore so I could get my feet wet, but the scorching noon sun made it difficult to do so. I buried my head between the covers of my book instead.


After several chapters, and as soon as JR woke up from his nap, we went back to the pool (yeah, we were just going back and forth the whole day!) for some cold drinks.

Okay, it was actually just my excuse to dive back into the water. I needed to cool off after soaking up the sun at the beach.

I ordered us some drinks at the pool bar.

At the pool bar.

I sipped mine in the water.

Cocktails in the pool!

Sun + Water + Cocktail = One Happy Girl! :)

While JR opted to stay dry.


And just to fill our tummies a little, we ordered a bowl of fries with our drinks.


I swear, swimming and fries are the perfect combination on a hot afternoon. :)

And just as we emptied the bowl of fries, our phones beeped, reminding us that it was time to head back to our room to pack and get ready for check out. :(

On the ferry back to Singapore.

On the ferry back to Singapore.

Two days was too short to be able to do everything at the resort. They had so many water sports and activities that we wanted to try out. But either way, our stay was still enough for us to be able to experience the beauty of Bintan. We enjoyed every minute of our relaxing trip, and are glad we finally found a small paradise only fifty-five minutes away from Singapore. :)

** More photos in my multiply. :)

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3 Comments to “Bintan Getaway – Day 2”

  1. Maria Celina says:

    Again, great photos! It really looked like a two-day refresher. Do you have any plans on returning to Bintan someday?

    anna Reply:

    Maria: Thanks! It was definitely one relaxing getaway! And yes, we plan to go back. We really liked the relaxing atmosphere. :)