Web Design: Bedazz!
Posted on: 26th of January 2010 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Geek Talk

It has been over ten years since my first love affair with web design. The first few years of that decade was spent enthusiastically designing different layouts for personal websites and blogs I maintained all over the internet. However, the last half saw very little creative juices output on my my part, not necessarily due to the lack of spark plug juices (although, I did seem to run out of ideas for a while), but more of the fact that I had become more active in my offline life.

I enjoy spending more time in “the real world” but every once in a while, I do miss sitting in front of the monitor wracking my brain for hours until I came up with layouts to suit my liking.

Since my sister was planning to launch a Multiply site for her very own set of makeup brushes, Bedazz, I took the opportunity and volunteered to help her design the whole site from start to finish.

I quickly staged a late-night photo shoot, with my sister as the model. Our very own living room was turned into a makeshift studio, with one of our table lamps used as soft lighting.

My sister posing with one of her brushes.

We then had a quick product shoot the following afternoon in our garage, using the sun’s natural light.

Bedazz Stippling Brush

And with all the graphics and images ready, I spent several hours designing and fiddling with template codes.

The outcome?

A simple Black and White layout with just a few embellishments here and there.

Bedazz Header.

I took more time tweaking with codes than in designing the actual layout. My knowledge and skill in HTML and CSS has decided to fail me. Well I’m not really surprised, considering that it has in fact been years since I last fiddled around with code. =P

Anyway, do check out the multiply site. :)

Bedazz currently has three makeup brushes in its line, with several others in the testing stage. I’m not being biased, but the brushes are really nice! Mix good quality with affordable prices (only Php700 or around USD14 for a full-sized stippling brush!), it sure is a great deal!

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8 Comments to “Web Design: Bedazz!”

  1. Caby says:

    Weeeehhhh! :)

    anna Reply:

    :) :)

  2. Maria Celina says:

    Good luck to your sister and her business venture. =)

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Marz! :)

  3. ate janz says:

    hey, anna. thanks for the nail compliment. the darker colors are my faves too. especially the one that looks almost black. :)

    wow. that’s so cool how carla is getting into the makeup brush business. i checked out the site. those brushes look really nice and in very good quality too. i think she will do very, very well. :)

    i wish her the best of luck. :)

    anna Reply:

    That “almost black” nail polish on you is my fave too. :) I just love dark nail polish. Hehe!

    Yeah, the brushes are of great quality, indeed. She’s doing pretty well so far…and she’s already in the process of trying out new brushes to add to her line. Thanks, Ate Janz! :)

  4. chetz says:

    that’s freaking awesome. i love the heading photo. very cool. Good luck on her venture.

    I know what you mean.. i think i’ve known you online for quite sometime now … back when we would change layouts every month. hahaha. then real life happened. :-)

    btw, when’s the big day??

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Ate Chetz! :) Hahaha! We were crazy about changing layouts weren’t we??? HAHAHA! And yeah, real life happened. :) At least now we know how to balance our time between our online and actual lives. =P Hehe!

    We’re having a small ceremony (family-only) here in Singapore Feb. 17, then the church wedding will be back in Manila Feb next year. :)