Kitchen Creations
Posted on: 30th of March 2010 | Under: Palate Pleaser

We have just under eleven months ’til our church wedding back in Manila, but instead of working out and watching my diet, I’ve been indulging the hubby and I to some of my kitchen creations. Not having a full time job and basically just keeping myself busy with wedding preparations, I have plenty of extra time to be a real housewife. I enjoy it a lot, because a big part of being a stay-at-home wife is cooking meals, and we all know how much I love anything to do with food! XP

Here are some meals I cooked for hubby and I last week:

Beef Bourguignon. Cooking this took several hours, but it turned out really delish! I’m thinking of cooking it again when my friends come over for dinner next week. :)

Beefy Tomato Linguine, because I was feeling Italian that night. =D

Shrimp and Tuna Aglio Olio for dinner last Friday.

For dinner last night, I made the hubby’s favorite meal: steak with potato salad and broccoli.

I reckon my timing for posting this is a little off, considering that it’s Holy Week and all I’ve been yakking about is food! =P So, I think I’m going to stay away from food indulgences… until Easter Sunday. XD

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6 Comments to “Kitchen Creations”

  1. ate janz says:

    wow. the food looks delish. now you got me craving pasta and steak. hahaha… gutom na tuloy ako. lol. :D oh, and for the previous post, those blush ombres you picked up have such beautiful colors. i looove the ripe peach one. i wish i bought it. i got the purple one instead. i think it’s called vintage grape. i did not have any of that color blush to begin with, so i bought it. ripe peach would’ve been nice too. why didn’t i get it? hehehe…

    ooh yeah, finally having sephora was like a dream come true. it was really hard for me to just get what i needed instead of what i wanted. that alice palette was verrry hard to resist. plus, there weren’t very many. i heard it sold out in other places already. i had to take advantage of the opportunity already. lol.

    whoa. OPI is three times more expensive there? here, its normal price is already pricey for me. i usually get them when they’re on sale or BOGO. i don’t think my mall employee discount will be much help for what it normally costs. a good alternative is china glaze. it’s just as good as OPI. :)

    anna Reply:

    I’m happy to say that the food really was delish! Food makes me happy! LOL! Yeah, I really love the Ripe Peach blush. How’s the Vintage Grape? I thought it looked interesting, but I was scared that it might make me look bruised up. Hehe! That’s why I went for the safer color. =P

    I don’t own a single China Glaze nail polish. I’m not sure it’s available here in Singapore, but I think they sell them in Manila. I should really check it out. Some people seem to prefer it than OPI, I should try it out myself. :)

  2. Maria Celina says:

    They all look delicious, and the ones that strike me the most are the first and the last one. Most especially the last one. Funnily, I just had a really late dinner and yet I can still salivate over food.

    The presentation is also well done. JR’s really lucky! =P

    anna Reply:

    The Beef Bourguignon and the Steak were my favorites too. What can I say, I just love my meat! Haha! Thanks, Marz! :)

  3. melandriaromero says:

    ooh, looks really yummy. Your blog is really lovely, just want to ask if you also make template for others?

    anna Reply:

    Thank you! :) I’m looking into making templates for others soon. Probably by the end of the year. :)