Our Families in Singapore
Posted on: 15th of March 2010 | Under: Life & Love

Having our Registration of Marriage in Singapore was the perfect excuse for our families to fly in and spend time with us. Several days of bouncing from one place to another was physically tiring, but we enjoyed every minute of it. It was nice taking everyone around for some food tripping and a whole lot shopping.


Mother dear and I having cocktails at the Club Lounge of Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Free afternoon cocktails at the hotel with the family. Minus my brother, because he was out shopping! =P

The night before JR’s mom and brother left, we took them to Newton Circus for dinner. JR’s dad used to mention his love for the food at Newton Circus before he passed away, so we made sure to take the family there.

With JR’s mom. :)

The Ignacio family, minus Mark.

The whole week was a whole lot of fun. It was the first time our families flew in to visit us, so we made sure they had just as much fun as well. I’m sure they did. :)

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4 Comments to “Our Families in Singapore”

  1. ate janz says:

    looks like you and your families had a great time. i miss family bonding time. like when we all go out to eat or even dinner together on the table is fun. :)

    that’s really sweet of your families to fly into singapore to visit you and JR. it’s cool how manila’s just close by. how many hours is a flight from singapore to manila, btw?

    aww… no lashblast over there? looking through other beauty blog, i did notice hardly anyone in the philippines has covergirl. unless na padala sya or something. it is a very nice mascara for under $10. i’m glad i won’t have to be spending $16 on lash injection anymore. this works just as great. maybe better. hehe… take care, anna. :D

    anna Reply:

    Yeah, we sure did have fun! Too bad they couldn’t stay longer, it was really nice having them around. It’s only a three and half flight between Singapore and Manila… and we’re flying back next month for a couple of weeks, so I’m looking forward to that. :) Hehe!

    Too bad we don’t have it around here nga. I heard they had Cover Girl before here in Singapore, but apparently they pulled the brand out years ago. Too bad! Will ask one of my aunts to send me one na lang. Hehe!

  2. Maria Celina says:

    Great photos; it looks like a great time was had by all. =) And man, those places that you mentioned in your post is really bringing me back to the time I used to live there. Newton Circus especially. For some reason I am reminded of sambal stingray! Haha!

    Hope you’re well, Anna! =D

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Marz! :) It was actually my first in Newton Circus that night. And we had sambal stingray too! Hehehe! Prices seem to be a li’l more expensive than other Hawker’s, but I think I wouldn’t mind going back there anyway. =P Yummy food, making me hungry now! LOL!

    Oh I’m totally loving your new layout! :) Will browse through it later and will comment asap. :) Hehe! Hope you’re well, too! :)