Daily Optimystique’s Seventh Anniversary Giveaway (CLOSED)
Posted on: 6th of April 2010 | Under: Geek Talk, Life & Love

This blog and domain just turned seven years on the 4th of April! :)

Throughout the years (including the five years of posting in other domains before moving here), blogging has opened a lot of doors for me and has introduced me to whole lot wonderful people, some of which I can even call real friends now. But most importantly, blogging has brought me to where I am now–happily married to my wonderful husband, who nine years ago just happened to be someone I called a “blogger friend.” :)

For seven years, this blog has chronicled a whole lot of experiences and noteworthy memories of my life. That’s a pretty long time to be babbling about myself, but I know there are still a handful of people out there who still read my posts, no matter how mundane my adventures are. So in light of this blog’s seventh anniversary, I figured it was time to actively involve my readers, including those silent ones too, by holding my very first blog giveaway.

If you’re a loyal reader of this blog, I’m sure you know very well about my love affair with Moleskine notebooks. So, to share my love for these wonderful little things, I’m giving away two Moleskine notebooks FOR FREE! :)

Free Moleskines! :)

One (1) Moleskine Plain Pocket Notebook and One (1) Moleskine Watercolour Pocket Notebook.

There will be TWO WINNERS. The first will receive the Plain Notebook, while the second the Watercolour Notebook.

To qualify, simply follow these steps (at least the ones in BOLD):

  1. Blog about this giveaway and make sure you add a visible link back to this post.
  2. Subscribe/follow my blog through the Google Friend Connect (found on the right sidebar).
  3. If you have a feed reader (like Google Reader), add/subscribe to my blog feed.
  4. If you have Twitter, you can tweet about this too. Simply click the “retweet” button at the top of this post, then comment below and add the link of your tweet. :)
  5. Post a comment in this blog with your name, email, country of residence, and state why you want a Moleskine and what you’re planning to do with it if you win. Plus, paste the links to your blog/tweet about this giveaway too.

It’s that simple! :)

Winners will be electronically selected based on this post’s comments (so make sure you comment!), through random.org.

You have until Friday, April 30, 11:59 pm Manila Time (GMT+8), so hurry! :)


* I would highly prefer real readers to join this giveaway. If you’re one of those people who plan on subscribing to my blog for the sole purpose of winning the giveaway and then quickly unsubscribing (or removing blog posts) as soon as the contest ends, then this is certainly not for you.


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47 Comments to “Daily Optimystique’s Seventh Anniversary Giveaway (CLOSED)”

  1. Can i join? it doesnt say anywhere that family can’t join hahaha

    anna Reply:

    Hey, may I remind you that I already gave you one last year… and you haven’t even touched it! HAHAHA! You’re very much welcome to blog and tweet about this, though. =D

  2. Amaranta says:

    Hello! I am from Jacksonville, Florida.
    And I would love to win this because I love to write and draw, so, having a cute little notebook is just perfect for me.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I retweeted your post :D
    ([email protected])

  3. Kriselda says:

    Huwhatta bout me? I asked for one but you never gave me one and now you’re giving it away with rules and regulations. Grabe. Pinahirapan mo pa ko. Huwag na nga. Next time nalang! Hahahahaha!

    I am loyal and I read your site and I can even make kwento how you started blogging and where you were first hosted and how you came up with the name to how you met your husband and I can go on and on and on. Hahahahahaha. Missyouloveyou. COME HOME NA!


  4. Tina says:

    Hi I’m Tina, from CA, the US.
    I has known Moleskine and been its fan since I saw your pictures on Flickr. So I’m really excited when I see this post cause I don’t only have another one from Moleskine but also have the one from you! Of course I will use them to draw, and paint as I’m doing with mine right now.
    Thank you!

  5. shobe says:

    hehe,i saw this at your sisters site i just dont know where wil i post my entry but since youre the gal ill post it here instead and happy 7th birthday


    subscribed too.
    philippines, vyxscen [at] yahoo [dot] com,well i love writing things out of nowhere..namely poems,to do’s,plans for the day,my child’s doodle,draw….=D

  6. thiamere says:

    i blogged about your giveaway HERE

    i don’t use twitter…sorry

    im thiamere from the philippines
    [email protected]

    i’ve wanted to try moleskin ever since i heard it from Topaz Horizon but it’s too expensive
    If ever i win, i’ll using it a journal where i get to keep tab of the important happenings of my life

  7. ate janz says:

    oooh… a giveaway. moleskines are a unique giveaway prize. i remember having one of those. i had the one for drawing. now where did that go? lol. that’s a good idea to have a giveaway though and it certainly is very sweet of you to do so. :)

    i’m glad to hear the sephora in singapore now has an urban decay aisle. yay for that! :D what i love about UDPP is that there are three kinds. the regular one, sin, and the newest one called eden. i have the regular and sin one so far. regular, well, is regular. hehe… makes the shadows last long and look brighter. as for sin, i did notice a little shimmer in the shadow. not too drastic though. it can be worn alone too, which is nice. i haven’t tried the newest one yet. i heard it has a matte effect. so yeah, it sure is worth the try to get some UDPP. i do like shadow insurance too. i like it a lot, actually. hehe… shadow insurance is more for people with drier lids while UDPP is drier and is good for oilier lids. what i like about TFSI is that it’s tackier and makes the shadows stick better. :)

    now back to your blog entry, wow. it’s been 7 years already? how time flies. i do remember when i first saw your blog. i think you had that layout with pics of like family and friends. it sure is great to have known you through blogging for that long. :D

    anna Reply:

    I don’t even remember all my past blog layouts anymore. It’s been so long! Hehe! Actually, I’ve had my blog domain for 7 years, but I’ve been blogging waaaay before that pa. And if I remember correctly, I know I “met” you online before I got my domain… ang tagal na noh? I feel like I’ve know you forever! hehe! :) Take care Ate Janz! :)

  8. shaim says:

    1. Blog about this giveaway Here

    2. via email & followed your blog through the Google Friend Connect (shaim)

    3. subscribed to your blog feed via google reader

    4. tweet about it

    [email protected]
    Kuwait is my country
    I love art and wanna start drawing again

    check my art blog


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  10. nancy says:

    I’m follower of ur blog God knows now how long ahahah! Followed ur twitter also…stalker ako eh ano LOL!

    I blogged about it in here:

    “if” ever I am the lucky one…I will use it as my journal u know I love writing and scribbling things! and also I’m excited to try moleskin notebooks :P

  11. 1. Blog about this giveaway Here

    2. via email & followed your blog through the Google Friend Connect (rhain)

    3. subscribed to your blog feed via google reader

    4. tweet about it

    from Philippines
    I love to write poems and quotes

    check mu fs blog

    thanks and keep on posting!!!

  12. badettec says:

    if i get to win any of the giveaways, i will fill them with my travel stories and city mishaps. i will also keep it in my treasure box for my kids to read (that’s one decade from now :D)

    >tweeted this: http://twitter.com/badettec23

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  14. to tell the truth, I didn’t know your site before but it’s good that I discovered it thru another site. You’ve got nice stuff here! Really. So I subscribe na. and I blogged it here: http://isaw08.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/happy-birthday/
    and tweeted about it: http://twitter.com/ishay08/status/11937842895

    Anyway, notebooks like these are useful to me, where I put all my thoughts to write when I am not infront of my laptop to blog about it. Sometimes, I doodle on it and what more, I keep there my secrets and confessions. Simple small notebooks I had — Scribe notebooks, I never had a Moleskine) are kind of personal to me. That’s all. :)

    tricia gervacio Reply:

    I forgot to include these:
    my residency: Las Pinas, Philippines! LOL
    my email: [email protected]

  15. Joyson Baloy says:

    Hi there! Wanna join too =)

    Name and email: *points up*
    Country of residence: Philippines

    Why I want a Moleskine notebook: In my entire lifetime I never had a moleskine coz they are expensive (oooopps, i shouldn’t have said that XD). But of course I wanna have a notebook as nice as this. Maybe it’ll boost my lecturing habit and consequently my studies XD. I’ll use it at school. =)

    I blogged about this here: http://bugs23.blogspot.com/2010/04/contest-alert-daily-optimystiques.html

    Subscribed to your blog as well =)

    My tweet: http://twitter.com/mJoyson/statuses/11937637709

    Thanks a lot and God Bless! =)

  16. livewire says:

    i like ur blog really…very spontaneous and interesting especially ur love for your husband when u were still not married.

  17. April Pazcoguin says:

    Have subscribed already through Google Friend Connect.

    Name and email already filled up. ^^
    Country of residence: Philippines

    I want to have this Moleskine because I never have one yet and this would be a great birthday gift for me. Yes, I’m turning a year older too!

    Here’s the link to my blog where I blogged about this giveaway: http://yeapug.blogspot.com/2010/04/daily-optimystiques-seventh-anniversary.html

    Happy 7th Anniversary!

  18. Ning says:

    I am a follower and a subscriber through the Google Friend Connect really liking your blog: Ning of Anything and Everything’s Free

    Blog Post here:http://ning4u.blogspot.com/2010/04/win-moleskine-from-daily-optimystique.html

    add/subscribe you to feed Google reader: [email protected]

    Twittered and Tweetmeme about the contest: http://twitter.com/Ning4u

    Ning Buning
    [email protected]
    I want to win a Moleskine specially the water colour notebook because I like to sketch things once and a while and the quality and durability of this notebook will surely preserve and enhance my creativity.

  19. melandriaromero says:

    hi, just find your blog, Happy anniversary. Wow, seven years that’s a real number.

    Followed you too via babiesandcontests.
    Tweet your give away – http://twitter.com/melandriaromero/status/11986593131
    and blog about it here: http://www.melandriaromero.net/2010/04/be-optimistic.html
    “I also include in my post my answer in your question”

    e-mail : [email protected] /Philippines

    I also put your link in my sidebar, so I can visit you from time to time.


  20. Vernz says:

    Hi, please count me in.

    Followed you… vernz
    Subscribe via email .. jluga3144(at)gmail(dot)com
    Blogged it here: http://www.vernzfreestuff.com/2010/04/daily-optimystiques-seventh-anniversary.html

    retweet it here: http://twitter.com/Vernz13/status/11989879091

    I’m a certified SAHM, Although I don’t a short term mem loss, I jot down everything my mind conceives so I cannot forget them, these notes would be a perfect mind mate.

    VernaLiza Luga

  21. iamaptm says:

    Hi !!

    1. I blog about this giveaway

    2. I followed your blog
    3. I subscribed to your blog feed
    4. I retweet

    allan pamute from The Philippines
    [email protected]

    I can use the Moleskine next school year..
    I love to write all my notes there and also love to bring the moleskine everyday.. :)

  22. hi. journals are the in thing now. it’s a nice way of preserving a memory. i hope i win one bec. i haven’t caught the bug yet. :-)

  23. MinnieRunner says:

    Hi, joined your giveaway:

    1. Blogged: http://minniemadz.blogspot.com/2010/04/daily-optimystiques-seventh-anniversary.html
    2. Followed via Google Connect (minnie_madz)
    3. Subscribed to your blog feed
    4. Twitted: http://twitter.com/minnie_madz/status/12047303318
    5. Name: Madelin M. Galvez
    Email: madzganda[@]gmail[.]com
    Country of residence: Philippines
    why you want a Moleskine: It looks unique
    what you’re planning to do with it if you win: Would like to relive my hobby of keeping a diary

    I ready your disclaimer. I may be a first time here; but I assure you that I will frequent your blog. Normally, I am a you comment I comment blogger. So, the communication won’t stop unless someone did.

  24. emiliana says:

    Blogged about your giveaway at http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com/2010/04/win-moleskine-notebook.html

    I follow via Google Friend Connect (luckyfinds)

    I’m emiliana sison from the Philippines
    [email protected]

    I would love to have my hands on a moleskine notebook ever since I heard rave reviews about its unique style and sturdy built.

    Should I win, I intend to use it in jotting down my family adventures and activities as well as keeping track of my own personal goals in life.

  25. zoan says:

    blog about your giveaway here: http://luckyzoan.blogspot.com/2010/04/daily-optimystiques-seventh-anniversary.html

    will follow you later, the connection is super low right now… (but ill be using my google name: Joanne gonzales)

    i would love to have that moleskin notebook because i never had one, i am a notebook collector and i love to write on them my poems and letters that i will never send…

    i am already a follower of your blog :)

    joanne gonzales
    [email protected]

  26. Orangewink says:

    Hello there! First of all, Happy anniversary, 7 that was awesome. Keep up what you’ve started!

    anyway, im dodette from philippines.
    i would like to win the notebook because i haven’t seen one in reality and im sure about that. I was even amaze of knowing that its expensive. I am also a scribbler, i love to write stuffs when im alone, i love taking notes and make use of it in class and i love to draw stick peoples. I hope i can learn how to draw. I am also a random person, so definitely i have to write down what is it that bugs me anytime and that super handy-dandy notebook could be a life saver :D yeah, hope ill win.

    i blogged this already too, please check and ill appreciate some comments thanks http://orangewink.blogspot.com/2010/04/try-your-like-coz-im-trying-mine.html

    and i just followed your blog,:D

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  28. teeyah says:

    Hi Anna, I’m Teeyah from Quezon City.

    I would like to win the notebook because I’ve never had one and I have always been too chicken to splurge for one because for its price I always think I can buy so many books already. I plan to write on it, doodle my thoughts and draw and splash color on it :)

    Blogged about it here: http://chroniclesofvanity.blogspot.com/2010/04/daily-optimistyques-moleskine-contest.html

    Sorry, forgot to include my email: tjcabullo (at) gmail (dot) com, from QC Philippines :)

    I’m also a follower in Google Connect :)

  29. krissy ♥ says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary to your blog! ♥♥

    I mentioned your giveaway on this post>> http://krissyfied.blogspot.com/2010/04/heartbreak-anyone.html

    I am a follower through Google Friend Connect.

    I also tweeted it here>> http://twitter.com/krissyfied/status/12979278395

    I am Krissy from the Philippines, and I want a Moleskine so I can practice doodling and writing in longhand again. It would also be a great journal. I collect different kinds of notebooks and journals but I haven’t had the privilege of owning a Moleskine yet so I wish I win :) My email address is kristelann.cruz[at]gmail.com

  30. Dang says:

    Congrats on reaching 7 years of blogging, Anna!

    Would love to win the notebooks because I’ve ALWAYS wondered what’s very special about them since my school days, but admittedly find it very pricey. And if I ever win, one goes to my mom who’s celebrating her birthday on teh 30th. =)

    I’m Dang, from Las Piñas, Philippines. Thanks!

    I forgot to mention my email add is [email protected]. Thanks much!

  31. fjordz says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    It’s my first time in here and I’m joining your contest!

    Here’s my blog URL regarding this contest:


    I also subscribed to Google Friend Connect (my nickname is Fjordz) and subscribed via your blog feed.

    I also followed you on Twitter and tweeted about this contest over here:


    Name: Fjordan Allego
    Country: Philippines
    Why: I want this notebook because of its quality. I can always use this whenver I cover various events for my blog. This will be very much useful if I’ll be winning it.

    Super thanks!

  32. salmoncat says:

    Hi, I’d love to be a part of your seventh year giveaway please.

    I’m Salmoncat from the Philippines (hope you don’t mind me using a pseudonym). My email addy’s
    [email protected].

    I want a Moleskine because I love paper products. I think I mentioned this in most of my online accounts (not in my blog yet though). Should I win one would it be okay if I ask that you draw on a page? It will take a place in my paper products collection (journals, notebooks, stationeries). Eventually, I will be using it as a daily notebook for musings, ideas and drawings.

    Blogged about your giveaway here:
    Following your blog through the Google Friend Connect as Salmoncat

  33. salmoncat says:

    Oops sorry, forgot to include the link to the blog entry in my reply above. It’s:

  34. Hana says:

    I’m Hana from Cainta, Philippines and my email add is [email protected] :)

    I want a Moleskin because just by looking at it, it feels nice to doodle or write anything. I actually don’t own a moleskin because it’s quite expensive here in the Phils. :”> But i would sure put it to good use if ever i get picked to win this contest of yours. :)

    Also, (belated) congratulations to you and your husband! <3

    *btw, I retweeted this blog entry. I hope that's okay since I didn't blog about it. :D*

    Hana Reply:

    here’s the link to my twitter. :) for sure you would be able to view it cos we’re twitter friends. heehee http://twitter.com/hanapurry/statuses/13113730368

  35. Guia says:

    Hey Anna! Haha! I blogged about this giveaway. You know, I’m an avid reader of your blog. We’ve been online friends for a really long time but we haven’t even met. Sayang that one time when I was in Singapore. I met your sister pa before you. Boo hoo! I want a moleskin because I’m starting to write a journal now. I just want the Plain Pocket Notebook cause I’m not really artistic. Haha! Well, I have retweet and blogged about this. I hope I win :)

    anna Reply:

    Grabe, it’s been so long, right? :) And after all these years, here we are, still blogging. Sana we can bump into each other soon! :) Hehe!

  36. Hi! Happy anniv to you and your blog!

    Blogged this: http://iamdivalicious.multiply.com/journal/item/192/192

    Joined on google :D

    Tweeted this! http://twitter.com/jameelamalicdem/status/13136046470

    I’m becoming to love Moleskine notebooks though I don’t have one yet. Just seeing it… it makes me want to grab it now. I’m a AB Communication student so this notebook would be a best friend to me. Especially because in our course, we write a lot about important and thoughtful things :D Also, no one knows this yet.. I dream of becoming a contributor or editor in a famous newspaper and magazine.

    Thanks!! :D I hope I win :)

    Jameela Malicdem- [email protected]
    Cavite, Philippines

  37. Gabriela says:

    My name is Gabriela and I`m from Spain.

    I posted about your giveaway on my blog: http://conbdebelleza.blogspot.com/2010/04/mas-oportunidades-de-ganar-premios.html (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

    If I win, I will write my architecture ideas and also my buildings drawings.


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  39. Mattress says:

    I see this post cause I don’t only have another one from Moleskine but also have the one from you! Of course I will use them to draw, and paint as I’m doing with mine right now.