Photos of My Life No. 2: One Thing that Symbolizes Home
Posted on: 6th of June 2010 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Life & Love

For my second set of Photos of My Life, Kat requested:

Since you’re here in SG, i’d like to know what is the one thing that symbolizes “home” for you and/or the thing that makes your homesickness go away all the time :)

This was a little hard, because I have quite a long list of things that make me miss Manila. But, there is one particular thing that I like looking at every time I’m in our living room, and that’s this Umbra Fotofalls Desktop Photo Tree my brother gave me a few Christmases ago:

Satellite Photo Mobile

It holds eighteen different set of pictures of people that make Manila home for me.

:)I reckon it’s a beautiful piece of art.


I am a very nostalgic person, and this piece of art just screams my name.

Gucci and my friends.

I have photos of my friends, and polaroids of my baby Gucci too.

Family and dear friends.

Some photos of beach getaways, and some Christmas shots too.

With some friends and an old professor.

A photo with my High School best friend, and another with my college girls.

My Gucci.

My little Gucci. <3

My family

And my dear family, of course.

This piece of art makes me miss home, and at the same time makes my homesickness go away. I talk to my family everyday, and I’m in constant contact with my close friends too, so living in Singapore has never been that hard for me. I’m just glad I have these pieces of home with me in Singapore. :)


For more photo requests, please comment in my Photos of My Life post.

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3 Comments to “Photos of My Life No. 2: One Thing that Symbolizes Home”

  1. ate janz says:

    the photo tree is very cool. it’s nice to look at and think of all the wonderful memories when you miss manila. my favorite ones are the photos of your family and the solo shot of your dog. wait. my bad. is your dog a boy or a girl? i know the doggie’s name is gucci though. :D

    wow. lucky you for getting samples from a friend who’s mom is a hollywood makeup artist. i remember seeing humid in one of your posts and i think goldmine. i like how they give you full-size samples. those are really generous amounts of makeup there. :)

    awww… i would love to see your 3rd grade pic with the bright red lipstick. do you still have it? that would be so cute to post. :D i loved lipstick ever since. my aunt was nice about letting me play with her makeup when i was four. my mom…well, she wasn’t too happy about me digging in her makeup though. lol.

    thanks for sharing these pics. the tree is such a neat home decoration. it sure will make a nice conversation piece for visitors who stop by. :)

    anna Reply:

    Gucci’s a girl. :)

    Actually, my blogger friend’s aunt works for some Hollywood actress. And apparently actresses get sample makeup pots from different cosmetic companies. The pots are exactly the same as the ones in the MAC permanent line, except it says “sample” on the sticker. How lucky of them, noh? Makes me wish I was some famous actress, just so I could get free makeup too! LOL!

    I think I still have the 3rd grade class picture back in Manila. Will try to find it when I fly home this month. :)

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