Healthy Lunch
Posted on: 4th of August 2010 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Life & Love

Made myself a sandwich for lunch today. Stuffed it with lots of veggies as an attempt to start eating healthy again. Yes, for the nth time! With just a little over six months ’til our church wedding, I have to start taking this diet seriously. Been running and doing some kick boxing too, so I hope to see positive results in a few months time.

Healthy Sandwich

Markers on plain Moleskine. Originally posted on my flickr.

In other news, I finally took out my markers and art tools and doodled in my moleskine again. It’s been months, and I gotta say I really missed letting my creative juices flow. :)

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10 Comments to “Healthy Lunch”

  1. Fena says:

    i can only wish to draw as well as you.. le’sigh.

    anna Reply:

    Sometimes I end up not knowing how to start, after not drawing for ages. I must remind myself to draw regularly to keep the creative juices flowing. =P Hehe!

  2. Sometimes I wish I was a painter, or a musician. Have no talent in either. Good thing I know how to write. :-) Cute sandwich.

    anna Reply:

    Thanks! :)

  3. ate janz says:

    cute sandwich drawing. i really love your food drawings. especially this and the starbucks one. :D

    thanks for the compliment on justin. i guess i’ll probably have to put up with a string of his girlfriends once he grows up. hehehe…

    yeah, i have to start eating healthy too. i already did with exercise plan, but everything was ruined when we started eating out and a lot. wah. lol.

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Ate Janz! I love food so much that it even shows in my art, noh? LOL! =P

  4. Maria Celina says:

    Good thing I am commenting on this post, sandwich in hand. Strangely enough, the sandwich that I am eating is very similar to the one in your drawing.. on the assumption the meat in between (that’s meat, right?) is turkey.

    Glad that you’re back to drawing again. =) I missed those!

    anna Reply:

    Haha! I think it was ham. This reply is so late, that I can’t even remember what was in that sandwich! LOL!

  5. Christine says:

    Your a very talented artist! I love your work :)

    I’m trying really hard to eat not only healthy but organic. It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but I’m doing OK. Sometimes I get these insane urges to eat junk.I have to like physically restrain myself from going to the store and buying chips & stuff lol

    Best of luck to you, Keep up the good work with your art :D

    anna Reply:

    Aww, thank you! :)

    I’ve been struggling with dieting for as long as I can remember! For someone who loves food, it’s difficult cutting down, or even picking the healthier option. There’s just too many temptation out there! LOL! =P