Photos of My Life No. 7: My Gadgets
Posted on: 16th of December 2010 | Under: Life & Love

Taking some time off wedding planning, here’s an overdue post on my seventh Photos of My Life: My Gadgets, as requested by Vince (duhdoctor) on Twitter.

Productivity and Gaming:

  • iPhone 3GS: This was the hubby’s old iPhone, before he upgraded to an iPhone 4. I don’t plan on upgrading, until they release the white iPhone! :)
  • Blackberry Curve 8320: I had a short love affair with Blackberries before I switched to the iPhone. I gave up on it when it started slowing down and dying unexpectedly. I use it as an extra phone now.
  • Motorola V3 in hot pink: This phone is almost 5 years old and should really retire soon, but I still use it as an extra phone when traveling.
  • iPod Touch: This is actually the hubby’s, but he passed it on to me when he got his first iPhone. I used it mainly as a gaming device. =P
  • iPod Nano: The hubby got this for me several Christmases ago. :)
  • Nintendo Game Boy Micro: I only play Mario Brothers on this =D
  • 13″ Macbook Pro: Replaced my old White Macbook for this last year.
  • iPad: This makes browsing on the internet easier and more convenient while in bed. Great for reading e-books, and an awesome gaming device too. I’m currently addicted to Jenga HD. =P We’re also using this for our wedding reception. :)


  • Fisheye 2: I’ve had this since last year, but I haven’t had time to use it. :(
  • Vivitar PN2011: I used to use this a lot. Makes pretty panoramic photos.
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S: I bought this to replace my polaroid when they stopped making films. This develops smaller prints than the real polaroid, but I love it just the same.
  • Canon Ixus 80 IS: My trusty point and shoot. It’s two years old, but it still takes pretty photos. :)
  • Holga 120 CFN: I love Lomography and the pretty photos it develops. Haven’t used this in ages, because thanks to iPhone apps, I get to digitally process my photos looking like lomo shots now.

  • Polaroid Spirit 600. This is love! I still have one unused film, which I’m saving to use on a special occasion. I have a Polaroid i-Zone too, but I left that in Manila.

  • What I use most of the time: Canon 350 D and extra 50mm lens. This still works like a charm, but we really should upgrade soon! :)

What about you guys, what gadgets do you use?

** For more photo requests, please comment in my Photos of My Life post. **

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10 Comments to “Photos of My Life No. 7: My Gadgets”

  1. ate janz says:

    whoa, anna. haha… a lot of nice gadgets there. :) looking at the motorola v3 brings back memories. i had the same exact color and loved it so much. it’s too bad i was absentminded enough to leave it in taco bell and never found it again after that. that was my favorite phone. hehe… :D it’s a good idea to have backup phones. i should probably do that too. i was going to with my old blackberry, but the clickwheel fell apart. lol. i’ll find something else.

    you’re lucky to have the ipad. it does look convenient. it looks very lightweight too. :)

    yup, lip balms sure are essential. hey. maybe on your next trip to manila, you can get the nivea one. i know they carry it in the philippines. i do love the rosebud salve too. i keep that one in my purse. i have the C.O. bigelow one. i heard some really awesome things about the smith’s one you have. :) i can’t live without my lip balm either. even when i run errands, i have to wear it. hehe… :D

    hope you’re having a great day too, anz. take care. hope to hear from you again soon. :)

    anna Reply:

    Hot pink phones are LOVE! Hehe! Yeah, I need backup phones, because I keep both my Singapore and Philippine lines on all the time. :)

    The iPad is awesome. JR uses it more, but it’s great to lug around, because it’s not as heavy as our Macbooks. Hehe!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday, Ate Janz! <3

  2. iam_artisan says:

    oooh thanks for sharing your gadget… im a also a gadget person hehe… wow! you have the polaroid spirit 600. May I ask where did you buy it and also the film? I so want to have one too…


    anna Reply:

    Hey April! :) My aunt bought it in Japan ages ago (maybe over 10 years ago). They don’t sell them anymore, but you can probably find old/used ones on ebay or something. The films are no longer available, since they stopped making them a few years ago, but there are still some people selling old stocks online… really expensive though. =P

  3. […] of My Life No. 7: My Gadgets nuffnang_bid = […]

  4. Toni says:

    I’ve had my heart set on a polaroid spirit 600 just because it’s gorgeous!!:) Maybe someday I’ll have one, too! I’ve missed your blog!

    anna Reply:

    Hey dear! Yeah, the Spirit 600 is gorgeous. I’m saving my last pack of film nga eh. Hehe! :)

  5. nikz says:

    Wow ang dami mong gadgets! And you still use them :) Ako I put my gadgets aside in a drawer … *Thinks of making a post* XDDD

    Don’t you love instagram, though? I’m getting an Android, though, so I’m looking forward to this coming out! :D

    anna Reply:

    I TRY to use them. I haven’t touched the other cameras in months (I keep them in drawers too), but I hope to use them again this year. Hehe!

    Oh and yeah, I love Instagram! :) It’s actually one of the reasons why I don’t take out my digicam and other cams much anymore. =P LOL! Yay, can’t wait to see you on instagram soon. :)

  6. Superior post. How lengthy have you been running a blog for? It makes me realise that I need to improve mine lots! Strolling Holidays in Europe