2010 Recap
Posted on: 13th of January 2011 | Under: Life & Love

Happy New Year, guys!

Yes, I know this post is almost two weeks late, but 2011 has already been pretty busy for me. From spending time with friends and last minute shopping in Singapore (yay, to all the sales!) to flying back to Manila and trying to get some wedding errands done.

2010 was quite busy too:

  • The first day of 2010 came with the most beautiful surprise: JR officially proposed. :)
  • I finally managed to redesign this blog. My favorite layout, so far.
  • We went on a quick KL Getaway for Valentine’s.
  • We got married! We civilly tied the knot through a quick ROM (Registration of Marriage) ceremony in Singapore. To top it off, our families also flew in to witness our exchange of vows and to be with us for a couple of days.
  • I had my first Blog Giveaway.
  • To start taking care of our health and getting on a fitness regime, we started jogging/running religiously. I had a hard time the first couple of runs, but now I can happily manage a 5 km run in 35 minutes. :)
  • We started planning for our church wedding.
  • I turned 27.
  • We had our Prenup Photo Shoot in Singapore. We’re not used to having a photographer follow us around, but we definitely had fun that day. I love all the photos too. :)
  • An uncle passed away. It was hard to accept, but something that strengthened the family bond more. I love my Viduya family. <3
  • One of my new year’s resolutions was to read more. I achieved it by finishing fifty books by the end of 2010. I hope I manage to do more this year.
  • The husband and I spent our first Christmas and New Year together in Singapore. We were away from our families, but we enjoyed it nevertheless.

We greeted 2011 at home, with our kitchen table brimming with food and drinks. It was quiet with just the two of us, but we still had a feast.

The first hour of the new year was also spent taking photos together and pocketboothing:


2011 has just started, but I know it’s going to be better than 2010. There are so many things coming up for us, and I’m excited to welcome it all. :)

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9 Comments to “2010 Recap”

  1. sugar sugar says:

    Looks like you had an awesome start for 2011! I hope it will be a good year for all of us! :)

    anna Reply:

    We did! Wishing you a lovely 2011 too! :)

  2. ate janz says:

    hi, anna! i am so glad to hear your 2010 went very well. i wish you an awesome and lovely 2011 as well. i know for sure you will have a wonderful year ahead. i am excited about your upcoming church wedding. :)

    those eyebrow kits must be popular in singapore and manila. i got mine from the website since the stores here don’t even carry them. i heard there are some great dupe for these though like from wet ‘n’ wild and NYC. i think NYX has a nice brow kit too. :)

    take care, anz. i wish you and your hubby all the best. :D

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Ate Janz! The wedding went very well. We could not have wanted it any better. :)

    Hope life’s treating you well over there too. :)

  3. Nikz says:

    I’m excited for you, Anna! :D That was a lot going on in 2010, I’m sure there’s more good stuff to come! ^^

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Nikz! 2011 has been fantabulous, so far. I’m excited for the rest. :)

  4. Maria Celina says:

    I anticipate 2011 to be a great year, and I am so excited for yours. Good luck with the remaining planning of your church wedding! =)

    anna Reply:

    Thanks, Marzy! Wish you and Nikz could’ve been there to celebrate with us. :)

  5. Frisbee says:

    I was sitting on twitter trying to find something to cure my boredom – and BANG – somebody I follow tweeted this post. Now, I am not quite as bored. Thanks for posting good material. – Frisbee