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We’re Pregnant!
Posted on: 26th of March 2011 | Under: Baby Tales, Life & Love

Setting aside all wedding posts for a while to make a little announcement:


We’re pregnant!

Call it woman’s intuition, but I already had a feeling that I was pregnant as soon as we arrived back in Singapore. I had been very sluggish and all I wanted to do was sleep all day. Heightened sense of smell, tummy cramps and a missed period, the signs where there. But for almost two weeks, I just pushed the thought aside, thinking that I was just extremely tired from the wedding. That, and I seriously thought I was just being my lazy self again. =P

When I finally woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous, I knew it was time for a home pregnancy test. Two positive sticks and a trip to the Ob-Gyn later, it was finally confirmed. :)

We’re about 5 weeks into the pregnancy (we think it’s a wedding night baby), but I’m still not used to being bloated all the time. I have a slight baby bump, but not yet big enough for plus size intimate apparel. LOL! The past week was quite difficult, with the morning sickness hitting me practically all day, everyday. For once in my life, I didn’t want to eat anything, because everything I put in my mouth just wanted to be hurled out again. I’m finally better now and I think my appetite is back. I just have to remember all the pregnancy no-nos, because apparently there are a gazillion and one of them.

We still have a long way to go, but we’re already very excited to meet the little one in November. <3<3<3

Our Wedding: A Preview (Church Ceremony)
Posted on: 9th of March 2011 | Under: Life & Love, Our Wedding

Our big day took one whole year of designing, choosing, deciding and planning. Quite a long time, but it was nothing compared to over seven years of love, sacrifice and relationship building for us to be able to fully commit to each other and finally say our yeses.

JR and Anna — Just Say Yes
February 18, 2011

Theme: Nostalgia
Color Motif: Purple and Champagne

Preparations: Intercontinental Hotel
Church: Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Coordination: Christine Ong-Te
Make-Up Artist: Carla Avanceña (my sister)
Couture: Czarina Villa
Flowers: Teddy Manuel
Bridal Car: Atty. Charlie Alvarez
Strings: KaDense
Sounds + Effects: Mark Tan
Photo: Imagine Nation: John Mateos Ong, Noel Salazar, Benjie Tiongco and Aldrich Lim
Video: Wang Videography

Sharing with you guys several photos of our most memorable day to date. :)

Our rings.
(No class rings here. =P)


Our Wedding: The Invitation
Posted on: 8th of March 2011 | Under: Life & Love, Our Wedding

Our Church Wedding on the 18th of February was probably my most beautiful and happiest day ever. Every girl has her dream wedding, and I have to say that our big day turned out to be so much more than what I had dreamed of. I could not have wanted it any better.

We are currently sorting through the thousands of photos our photographers (we had four!) took that day, so while we’re at it, here’s our wedding invitation.

Design: Printsonalities, with a bit of editing by me (yeah, I’m OC like that =P)
Printer: Printsonalities
Monogram Design: Me

The envelope with our monogram embossed on the flap.

Our Wedding Invitation: pocket fold style. We had the 250 gsm cover customized to a matte Pantone 2623-U color.

The front flap of the invitation had the monogram which I designed early last year. I also added tiny gems in the middle of each invitation, just to add some texture.

Folded out, we had the main invitation on the left, and three wedding card infos in the pocket on the right. The main invitation was printed using a thermography process (raised/embossed lettering), while the rest were flat printed.

Aside from our actual invitation, the husband and I also made a digital copy of our invitation online (I arranged the layout, while JR handled the coding). It was so much easier and more cost effective sharing the online invitation to family and friends overseas, rather than mailing them actual copies of the invitation each. It was also a fun project for the both of us. :)

You can view the digital invitation

Overall, we were really happy with our wedding invitation. It fit really well with the entire theme of the wedding. The damask pattern was also used throughout the reception details and decor (no peerless mounts, though). I’ll post photos of those soon.

Stay tuned for the wedding photos, coming soon. :)