Our Wedding: SDE Video
Posted on: 10th of June 2011 | Under: Life & Love, Our Wedding

It’s been almost four months since our Wedding Day. We’ve had our Same Day Edit video uploaded on vimeo for a while now, but I just haven’t had the time to post it on here. Pregnancy has made me lazier than ever, and somehow I’m finding it hard to sit in front of my laptop for long periods. Finally dragged my butt to our computer room to post this. =D

This video was edited on the day and played at our reception.

Just Say Yes — JR and Anna’s Wedding SDE

Song: Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol
Videographers: Wang Videography

Thank you to our awesome videographers! <3<3<3

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5 Comments to “Our Wedding: SDE Video”

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  2. Maria Celina says:

    Great pick for a song! =)

  3. Leng says:

    Love the song choice! I can’t wait to see videos of your little one too! =)

  4. You look beautiful in the video. :-)

  5. che says:

    wow! conrats!nice video