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Photos of My Life No. 5: My Favorite Outfit
Posted on: 10th of July 2010 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

For my fifth set of Photos of My Life, Ate Janz requested a photo of my favorite outfit.

My fashion style is mostly on the safe side. I prefer buying classic pieces that won’t go out of style, so about eighty percent of my wardrobe consists of plains and basics. I don’t have a lot of printed stuff. However, I do have one printed dress that I really really like.

My leopard print bubble dress:

My Favorite Outfit 1

Leopard print bubble dress (SM Department Store), paired with my comfy brown flats (Rubi/Cotton On) and necklace (which I made).

It’s such a comfy and versatile dress. I can wear it on a casual stroll at the mall with a pair of flats, or for a night out of drinks and dancing paired with killer heels. Even my sister likes it. She has one too, which she wore during our ROM. :)

I love SM! They’re always stocked with gorgeous clothes and accessories at affordable prices. I grabbed this dress as soon as I laid my eyes on them. I just knew it was a keeper! =P

Anyway, because of this photo project, I ended up having a mini photo shoot with the husband earlier. =D

My Favorite Outfit 2

Photo by: scrufus.



Organizing and Storing Makeup, Jewelries and Accessories
Posted on: 3rd of November 2008 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I’m a neat freak and I don’t like clutter very much. I clean, pick up mess and unconsciouly organize them into piles–even in other people’s rooms! I remember I was over a friend’s house back in High School and literally had a headache when I entered her jungle of a room. She had hundreds of books, magazines and other junk on the floor, and by the end of the day I had convinced her into letting me clean up a bit. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy spending hours cleaning and organizing clutter.

Since I moved to Singapore, my makeup, jewelries and accessories have been stored in a messy pile. My makeup were all stuffed in small bags, while my jewelries were all tangled up together in small drawers. Sometimes I would lie awake at night, haunted by just the thought of sleeping meters away from all the clutter!

Yesterday, I finally talked JR into getting me new drawers and organizers. =)

I love Muji. They have simple yet stylish products for the home (no office furniture though). I walked into the store and fell in love with their storage items right away. It took a while for me to choose what I wanted, but I came home with these drawers:

I love them! I love how they’re frosted and not completely see through like most plastic drawers that I’ve seen around. They’re also stackable, so I can easily buy extras when I need them.

I shared makeup with my mom and sister back in Manila, so I could only take a few of them with me to Singapore. I am starting to build my own collection now (I’ve been crazy over makeup these past few weeks), and the small stash that I currently have fit just right in the three-drawer (two small and one big) setup that I got. I’m thinking of getting another two-drawer set so I can organize the makeup better by separating them according to their use and purpose.

For my jewelries and accessories, I got these plastic dividers to organize my rings and a couple of my earrings. The size is just perfect, as they’re big enough to store my bigger rings (I love over sized rings!). I love how organized it looks and how I can see every one of them. It will definitely be easier for me to pick them out. Although, I was disappointed when I realized that these didn’t come glued together. I had to spend several minutes taping them together, so they wouldn’t fall apart. I’ll check back in the store whether they have some that are ready to use.

I didn’t manage to fix my drawer full of my necklaces, because I just don’t have enough space to organize them properly at the moment. I need to get more of those drawers (like the ones for my makeup), and bigger dividers so I can complete the project. =)

What about you guys? How do you store your mekeup and accessories?