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A Celebration of Love
Posted on: 23rd of October 2006 | Under: Life & Love, Palate Pleaser

Who would’ve thought that a simple bet made between two platonic friends, would actually be the spark plug to a wonderful romantic relationship? Or the simple fact that the internet and the world of blogging could actually bring two people together?

I would’ve never thought it possible, but amazingly on October 16, 2003, it happened to us.

A number of those who still read my blog are actual witnesses to our love affair. From the time that we were just friends, to the times we started hanging out, and eventually to the day we officially got together. They’ve read about our happy moments together, and have given advices and support during our tough times too.

Last Monday marked the third year of our relationship, and I guess I owe those people – our friends, a post about how we celebrated our special day.

Almost 2 years!
Posted on: 2nd of October 2005 | Under: Life & Love

You know when they say that everyone is destined to have that one person in their life? That person that you’ll be spending your life ’til you’re old and graying? That person who’ll be there with you through the ups and downs of getting old?

Well, I already found mine. And over two years ago, even before anything romantic happened between us, I already felt it. <3

Six Months
Posted on: 16th of April 2004 | Under: Life & Love

Exactly 6 months ago, I was over at his house. Exactly 6 months ago, he surprised me with a Dory stuffed toy (Finding Nemo was our first movie together). Exactly 6 months ago, he told me about the wish he made when he saw a shooting star about a month earlier. Exactly 6 months ago, he asked me if his wish had come true. Exactly 6 months ago, I answered him and said, “yes it had.”

Exactly 6 months ago, my life became even more wonderful, because it was the start of a truly beautiful relationship with my bebe.

6 months and our love still grows everyday. <3

I can’t wait spending, not just the next 6 months with you, but the rest of our lives together. ^_,~;; I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, my sweetie! mwaah! :-*