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Smith’s Rosebud Salve
Posted on: 7th of March 2010 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I dropped by Sephora last week to pick up some goodies for my sister, when I finally grabbed a tin of Smith’s Rosebud Salve for myself.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, since we’re trying to budget our spending to be able to save up for our church wedding expenses next year. However, while I was paying for my sister’s goodies, I saw the tin of miracle salve calling out to me by the cashier. I knew I had to put aside the “saving mentality” for a few minutes and allowed myself to treat myself. :)

This world-famous salve is a multi-purpose miracle wonder! It can be used as a simple lip balm, or to help relieve several skin conditions/irritations such as itches, rashes, blemishes, and rough cuticles. I even use it to moisturize my dry hands when I’m out and about. The Rosebud Salve is something that I have been lemming for a while now, so I’m glad I gave in to buying it. It was a good choice on my part, because now I just can’t leave the house without it!

Bedazz Stippling Brush
Posted on: 6th of February 2010 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

One perk of having a sister who has her own line of makeup brushes, is being able to get freebies. Well actually, nothing comes free for her (booo! =P), so I only got the free brushes in exchange for the multiply layout design of Bedazz. =P

My favorite from her line of brushes is the Stippling Brush:

Made of goat hair (the black part) and synthetic hair (white part), its bristles are quite dense, without compromising its softness (it’s amazingly soft!). It’s great for achieving an “airbrushed” look when applying liquid or cream foundation. In addition, I also use it to apply mineral foundation and blush, both of which generate promising results too!

I’m not too familiar with the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Stippling Brush (since I don’t own one), but I reckon this is pretty much a great alternative. At only Php700 (around USD14),  it’s so much more affordable! If we were talking about special deals, I’d say that this definitely tops all deals out there! Plus, unlike some of the other affordable brushes in the market, this brush does not bleed black dye when washing AT ALL! I no longer have to worry about staining my towels when laying them out to dry after washing. I just love it! :)

So, if any of you makeup junkies are looking for a good, yet affordable alternative to other expensive stippling brushes out there, I highly suggest that you guys try the Bedazz Stippling Brush. It won’t disappoint! :)

With my baby! <3

Cold Wax by Aromacology Sensi
Posted on: 25th of October 2009 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

For a girl, I have a bit too much hair on my arms. My mom always craved and ate balot when she was pregnant with me and they say that’s why I’m a bit too hairy. If you’re Filipino and understand the term “pinaglihi,” yes, pinaglihi ako sa balot. It sucks, because I really don’t like seeing that much fuzz on my arms. Thank goodness for hair removal means, because I wouldn’t know what to do without them!

I don’t shave my arms for fear that the hair will all grow back uglier and thicker. Instead, I wax. I’ve tried several types of wax in the market. From easy to use wax strips to hot wax, but I ditched those, because they either didn’t work well or were just too messy for my liking. Earlier this year, I finally found something that I really really loved:

Aromacology Sensi's Cold Wax

Aromacology Sensi’s Cold Wax

Just use paper with it!

What I love most about this wax, is how cost effective it is. You don’t need to buy expensive wax strips/cloths, just use plain paper. Yes, paper! Even scratch paper will work just as well!

Here’s a quick step-by-step visual to show you guys how easy it is to use:


Tea Tree Oil by Aromacology Sensi
Posted on: 7th of October 2009 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

The biggest bout of having oily skin are those red bumps that sporadically grow all over your face. I abhor pimples and acne. Even a tiny one can make you feel utterly ugly, having the ability to ruin one’s day in some instances.

Achieving a blemish free skin has always been a battle for me. Like most girls out there, I tend to breakout especially during the time of the month. It becomes a real pain, because my pimples tend to take quite a while to dry up. Finding the best acne treatment has been an even bigger challenge, because sometimes the actual treatment/product end up becoming the very cause of the breakout! However, I did find something that truly worked to get rid of my unwanted pimples:

Aromacology Sensi’s Tea Tree Oil

Aromacology Sensi’s Tea Tree Oil

I have been using this for over a year, and the result has been amazingly positive. I no longer worry about the sight of a growing pimple, because with just a tiny dab of this Tea Tree Oil, I can banish the bump before it even becomes full-blown!

To top it off, this product is not used just to treat pimples. Tea tree oil being nature’s most effective versatile healer for skin problems, it can also be used for cold sores, warts, burns, althlete’s foot, insect bites, blisters, dandruff, eczema, rashes, and so much more. It’s an all around healer that’s perfect to stash inside every girl’s purse!

And what I love most about this product is that it’s 100% Philippine made! Which also means that it is locally available (you may order them at our online store: Revitalize Spa), and is sold at a very affordable price of only Php185 (a little less than $4 USD)! Definitely a great deal for such a powerful product. :)

To see and experience the wonders of this product for yourself, please visit

Drop by at our booth at the Poveda Eco Fair on the 18th of October, 2009 too. My mom and sister will be there to showcase this and a whole lot of other products too. :)