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Celebrating Six Years Together
Posted on: 19th of October 2009 | Under: Life & Love, Palate Pleaser

It is of no question that JR and I both love food. We enjoy treating ourselves to scrumptious meals together, whether it be home cooked, fast food or fancy dining. Even in the early stages of our relationship, we were always happy eating together. That’s why, to celebrate our sixth year together last Friday, food was of course a big highlight of our day. :)

I started the day early by getting up while JR was still snoring away in dreamland. I whipped up a meal for both of us, and surprised him with breakfast in bed:

Breakfast in bed!

Our favorite breakfast treat: bacon and pancakes!

The smell of the food wafting from the kitchen had  already jostled him from his sleep before I even brought him the tray of goodies, but he stayed in bed and let me surprise him anyway. :)

For dinner, we wanted something a little more fancy, so we reserved a table at Novus.

Novus Resto

We hadn’t really heard of the restaurant until only a few days before. Nestled inside the Singapore National Museum, we quickly agreed that it was just the perfect place to celebrate our relationship.

What a wise choice it was, because we were definitely not left disappointed.

The food was delectable! We chose our meals a-la-carte, and started off by sharing our starter:


Angus Beef and Buffalo Mozzarella Carpaccio garnished with Parmesan Flakes and Celeriac Julienne with Hazelnut Dressing.

This was simply divine! The mozzarella cheese snuggled at the center of the thinly-sliced beef was a surprising treat that got us emptying our plates in no time!


Night Shoot
Posted on: 29th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

For the last leg of the Wedding Celebration, the group got dolled up and put on our gowns and suits. We walked around Orchard, posing all over the place (including standing in the middle of the busy Orchard road!) while our photographer took glam shots of the group. It was rather tiring having to walk in our heels, so we ended up just heading to Clarke Quay for dinner in the middle of it.


All dressed up, with our photographer sneakily squeezing into the shot! LOL!


The ladies. Don’t we all look color-coordinated? It wasn’t planned at all. =P

sg-night 2

Group shot! :) Photo by Pausebybald.


Celebration No. 2 – Singapore
Posted on: 29th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Cil and Dee’s Wedding in Brunei was an event that took up an entire day, but it wasn’t the end of it. The following weekend, another grande celebration was held back in Singapore. There was a ceremony held in one of the temples in Little India, followed by a lunch reception at Holiday Inn. In the evening a bunch of us also walked around the streets of Orchard for a photo shoot.

It was another long and tiring day, but again, a fun-filled one.

Sharing several photos for you guys:


The bride and groom during the temple ceremony. Such a happy couple! :)


The bride looking gorgeous and us ladies crowding around her. :)


The Wedding
Posted on: 15th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Did I mention that I turned 26 last June 1? I guess I didn’t, didn’t I? That’s because I was happily running around being a Maid of Honor the entire day. :)

Wedding photos, as promised:


I love these two! They made me run around on my birthday (with only 2 hours sleep, might I add!?), but I enjoyed every minute of it! <3


I missed the first half of the Gate Keeping, because I was the last one to get my hair done, but I still managed to join in on the fun when we tortured the guys into doing things for us. LOL!


The Four Sisters complete after 10 years!!! I truly love these girls. <3