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Bloggers Meet
Posted on: 18th of December 2008 | Under: Life & Love

I’ve been blogging for almost nine years, and even if I’ve gained quite a number of friends throughout that time, I’ve only met a handful of them. I was never really active in blogger meets and events.

I think it was about time that I expanded my network here in Singapore, so last week JR and I had dinner and drinks with Ederic, Alex and Leo.


I’ve never met the guys before (I actually only knew Ederic prior to the dinner), but we still had an awesome time. We ate so much, that nothing (not even Lipovox for some people) would’ve worked to hide the belly bulge that we all went home with. XP

I like meeting new people, and I really hope to meet more bloggers here. XD

The Internet Has Come A Long Way
Posted on: 11th of November 2008 | Under: Geek Talk

The internet has grown so much in the last decade that it has made lives of millions of people around the world so much easier. Knowledge is passed on so much faster now. Gone are the days when one would have to wait to get to a library to find out about a specific topic. Now, the internet allows the whole world to be explained with just a few clicks. Every topic imaginable is here: from historical events to current news, to food recipes.


I have been an active internet user for over eleven or twelve years, and a blogger for nine of that. It has been the best tool for researching, communication, as well as self and creative expression. For me, the internet has turned from a simple necessity to an entire lifestyle.

WordPress Woes
Posted on: 6th of September 2008 | Under: Geek Talk

I am currently using the boyfriend‘s wordpress application on his iPod touch to compose this. For some reason, wordpress won’t allow me to login into my account on the web. It just keeps getting redirected to my login page every time I try. Has anyone else experienced this?


Finally got the problem fixed! The boyfriend had to delete the “automatic update” plugin to get everything back to normal.

Blog Updates
Posted on: 8th of April 2004 | Under: Life & Love

Silence has taken over this place. I’m still around. I just haven’t been posting here. But no, I haven’t totally neglected this domain of mine. In fact, I just renewed its registration for another year. =)

It’s a total waste of money, someone told me. It probably is. I don’t even drop by to check for messages or guestbook entries anymore. I’m terrible, aren’t I? heeeh.

But this place has its sentimental values. It’s still pretty special to me. I don’t want to close this down, so I really ought to post more often. I should. I must. I will. Try.

So yes, I’m back. Again. Hopefully it’s for good this time. ^__^;;