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I’m Feeling Alive All Over Again
Posted on: 7th of October 2008 | Under: Entertainment

Lifehouse has been my favorite band for the longest time. Their songs, no matter how old they are, still find its way on my iTunes’ most played. If you even take a peek at my music library on Last.Fm, it would be of no surprise to find Lifehouse on the top of my artist list. I just never get tired of their music.

They had a huge concert back in Manila a month after I moved Singapore. It was disappointment at its best, because I told myself that I wouldn’t miss them play if they came to Manila after I missed the Maroon 5 concert (they’re also one of my favorites) a few months earlier. Going back home just for the concert was not even an option, so I resorted to listening (and reading) to friends share their concert experiences. In the end, I was even more jealous.

I had forgotten about the missed opportunity of seeing them live, when the biggest surprise came just two days after we arrived back from our Manila trip; Lifehouse performing in Singapore! JR didn’t even have to ask me if I wanted to go, because he bought us tickets before I even found out about the whole performance. I was in the middle of an afternoon nap and was still half asleep when JR sent me a text message about it. I got up so fast that I almost fell off the bed (oh my dear life, time to check out life insurance rates, perhaps?).

So, how was my Lifehouse experience, you may ask?



School, Family, Friends, and Concerts
Posted on: 23rd of July 2003 | Under: Entertainment

I think the silence in here speaks for itself. Yes, I have been busy. School has been a drag. Plates, projects and research work, it all means late nights of slaving away in front of my drafting table. o_O;; I would love to write a chapter on how tired and exhausted I am, but I’d rather not. Instead, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures…

I’ve been spending a lot of my days at Steph’s house working on our plates and baby thesis… This is Steph, playing the piano…

Jewelle, playing the violin. We got so tired of working, that we went on a little break… Steph played the piano, Jewelle, the violin… and me? ..well, I jumped on those bouncy sticks thingymajigers. hahaha! XP

Bestest and I having lunch with my mom and bro at Ten Noodles. She spent the weekend with us and she already claims our house as her 2nd home. ^_,~;;

Sunday, we had a small reunion with our relatives. This is Bestest and I with Tippi, my adorable cousin. ;)

waaah, the little munchkin is so adorable!!! *_*;;

slobbery ice cream all over her mouth… and she still looks cute! *_~;;

I watched the Duncan Sheik concert with Bestest last Saturday. We bought great front row seats. =) Cameras weren’t really allowed, but a lot of people, including myself, were able to sneak them in. ^_^ hehe.. That’s Rockwell on the big screen and Dain with his bongos…they, along with Paolo Santos did the opening. wanna see more pictures?

Here’s a shot of Duncan at the concert. I’m so glad I went. It was definitely a great break from all the work. -_-;; For more pictures of Duncan Sheik in concert…

Lastly, look at what ate Grace sent me. A package of strawberry and ube jam from Baguio!!! yummmm! That was so unexpectedly sweet of her! mwah! thanks again, ate Grace! ;)

End of Vacation
Posted on: 28th of June 2003 | Under: Life & Love

It’s my last weekend of vacation. My classes resume on Monday already. Lately, I’ve been so sick of staying at home all the time. I think I became a big bum over the course of 3 months. I’ve memorized the timeslots of every show on cable, I’ve counted the lines on the pattern of my comforter, I’ve had way too much sleep (and some nights sleepless too) and have had too many meals in bed.

I guess that’s why I’ve been dragging myself out of the house more often these past few days. Even if it just means tagging along with mom to her office. It’s definitely way better than bumming at home. haha.

Anyway, the Duncan Sheik concert is fast approaching! I’ll be watching the 2nd show- July 19 with Bestest. I went to pick up our tickets yesterday. Front row seats! ^_^ Yey! I can’t wait. The whole concert is such a treat. Rockwell (of Stephen Speaks) is Duncan’s special guest and Dain will be coming along too. Plus, Paolo Santos and Nyoy Volante will be there as well. The tickets were a bit steep, but I doubt I’ll regret buying those front row seats. I’m sure it’ll be an awesome night and I can’t wait! ^_,~;;

After picking up my tickets and getting all hyped up, I went to do the groceries alone. I love going down each isle and dumping different items in the shopping cart. Makes me feel all grown-up. As if I’m picking out groceries for my own household. LOL!

By the time I was done, I had 5 heavy plastic bags filled with junk food, toiletries and other what nots. I wouldn’t have been able to walk back to mom’s office with all that, so mom sent 2 of her staff to pick them up. ^_^ haha! spoilt! LOL!

I wanted to go window shopping afterwards, but I was way too tired already. I headed back to mom’s office instead. I read a few chapters into my book and did a couple of sketches too. Much more productive than wandering around in the mall, I must say! *_*;;

A couple of photos…

the tickets! ;)

a shot of one of my sketches…

Look at the time. I better head off to bed! o_O;;

Saturday Night with my Family
Posted on: 7th of June 2003 | Under: Life & Love

Nothing beats the joy I get from spending Saturday evening with mom, dad and my sister. I love going out, bar hopping, dancing or simply hanging out with friends during weekends, but there’s something about bonding with my family that perks me up.

Yep, I spent this evening with my family (minus my brother, though). We just headed off to ATC for dinner. Had chicken and pasta. ;) Then we just went around window shopping.

Oh, Paolo Santos was performing by Starbucks too. I stayed and listened to him sing a couple of songs. Great voice. Great guitarist. I wouldn’t have minded standing the whole night to watch him… but everyone else was tired and didn’t want to stand with me. o_O;; So, yeh, we went home a couple of songs after his 2nd set.

I did take a couple of shots of him performing, though. They’re a little blury, but they’ll do.. ;)

Paolo singing… err, I forgot the title.. ^_^

blah, both pics are blury… I couldn’t get a decent shot. too many people! o_O;;

of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of coffee. caramel machiatto w/ hazelnut syrup. yum! ;)

errr, I just get annoyed when they spell my name with one “n”… it’s anNa, thank you very much. ^__^ hehehe…