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The life of a jobless Interior Designer =P
Posted on: 30th of July 2006 | Under: Geek Talk

The wonderful thing about not working is being able to loaf around and do anything as I please.

Since we got back from Singapore, I’ve been doing a lot of lazing. Sleeping in has no longer been a luxury. I love not having to drag myself early out of bed for a busy day at the office.

Most of my days have been spent sleeping in and going online as soon as I wake up.


But being on the computer almost the entire day doesn’t really mean that I’ve just been aimlessly surfing around. Well yes, I have been spending a considerable amount of time downloading stuff, watching funny videos on youtube, and bouncing from one site to another. But really, most of the time I look around for jobs, or fiddle around with AutoCAD. I do get bored (like mad!) and I am hoping to find the right job for me SOON.

Warning: Quite a lot of photos under the cut.


Hello, World! I’m officially ready for you now!
Posted on: 2nd of July 2006 | Under: Life & Love


Yesterday officially marked the end of college life for me. I had been anxiously anticipating it since classes ended back in April, and walking up on stage to receive my diploma (well, temporary diploma) truly left me overwhelmed. Plus, graduating with honors and having my medal pinned on my toga just made everything more wonderful. :)

It took a while for me to get to where I am now, and the ride was surely not all smooth-sailing. I did 3 semesters at an all-girls college before realizing that I was at a wrong school. A total waste of time, a few people have said, but I seriously beg to differ. I believe my experience in that school prepared me to what I was really meant for. It made me realize what I really wanted for myself and gave me the strength to just go for it. Transferring to my beloved PSID for my majors was the best thing ever and I actually enjoyed the 2 years worth of hard work. Going to CSB after for my minor subjects was another great and fulfilling experience, because it helped me test my abilities to the fullest.

A little over 5 years in College, and I must say that it was one helluva ride. I guess it’s finally time for me to face the real world and to embrace everything that it has to offer me. ^_^

* Crappy camphone shot, because our Canon Ixus 750 died on us after mom and I accidentally dropped it after the graduation! :( How unlucky, I tell you! It’s not even a month old. o_O;; We bought it because our old Canon Power Shot S50 died on us about 2 months ago, and we never got around to getting it fixed. They’re both off to the Service Center tomorrow morning.