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On A Mission
Posted on: 21st of April 2009 | Under: Life & Love

I’m on a mission to lose weight (naturally and no diet pills like Enphedra, please) in a span of about a month. I need to shed off at least four to five kilograms, before the end of May, because I seriously don’t want to look like a balloon for my close friend’s wedding. Haha! This might be a bit of a problem when I fly back to Manila next month for a quick trip. As early as now, I’m already excited about all the food escapades. I’ve been dreaming of having halo-halo and sisig for several days, and it’s not even funny anymore! o_O I just wish I could eat everything I please without having to worry about the pounds. Food is just to hard to resist!

So yeah, good luck to me. Dieting is just so hard when you’re a food buff like me. =P

Food, Glorious Food
Posted on: 25th of September 2008 | Under: Palate Pleaser

Being back home has been one big temptation to eat a lot. Prior to our flight back, JR and I have successfully been on a low carb diet for several weeks. Too bad for us (or me, at least), because Filipino food is something that I just cannot resist! I missed having tapsilog from Sinangag Express. I missed munching on Shawarma bought from mall stalls. I missed Jollibee! =P

My poor waistline. I can feel my jeans tightening again. If only I actually take weight loss pills (which I don’t), losing all the extra baggages would probably be easier! =P