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Pinoy Plurkers / Bloggers Fiesta in Singapore
Posted on: 2nd of May 2009 | Under: Life & Love

In the years that I’ve been blogging, I can generally count with my fingers the number of times I’ve gone out to meet other bloggers. I’ve never really been active with blogger events. In fact, in the last couple of years, I hardly even visit new blogs. I still visit and read those that I’ve been constantly reading for years, but I don’t bloghop much anymore.

But eversince I moved here in Singapore, meeting other bloggers has somewhat become more fun for me. Perhaps having a great time meeting Ederic, Alex and Leonard last December made me more excited about meeting new people.

So last week, I was glad to meet with other Pinoy plurkers/bloggers over dinner and a round of drinks after. I met up with April, waited for JR to get off work (web programming jobs, yo!), then walked to The Esplanade. I’m happy we went, because it was a definitely one great night with yummy Thai food, free dessert, free wine too (!!!), and fun (funny? =P) company.

Here’s the bunch:


Jing, Alex, Aileen (who was visiting from Manila), Drew, Jaren, Kat, Kates, Bel, Jansci (the one in yellow, hiding behind Bel =P), JR, me and April. Missing in this photo is Carl. =P


Bloggers Meet
Posted on: 18th of December 2008 | Under: Life & Love

I’ve been blogging for almost nine years, and even if I’ve gained quite a number of friends throughout that time, I’ve only met a handful of them. I was never really active in blogger meets and events.

I think it was about time that I expanded my network here in Singapore, so last week JR and I had dinner and drinks with Ederic, Alex and Leo.


I’ve never met the guys before (I actually only knew Ederic prior to the dinner), but we still had an awesome time. We ate so much, that nothing (not even Lipovox for some people) would’ve worked to hide the belly bulge that we all went home with. XP

I like meeting new people, and I really hope to meet more bloggers here. XD

Dining With Friends
Posted on: 14th of December 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Finally got to have dinner with two of my ex-officemates. Carlo was in town and stayed with Dianne for a couple of days, so I made sure to meet up with them for dinner after work last Monday.


Dots, Carlo, me and Dianne (4/7 of the Boracay 2007 crew).


With the whole bunch at Earl Swensens, Vivo City.

I’ve been so busy with work lately, that spending one evening bonding with close friends was definitely a nice treat. <3