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An Optimist Has Dislikes Too
Posted on: 1st of October 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Oh yes, I do. Here are a few of them:

  1. Not having my favorite magazine (Cosmopolitan) available in Singapore. I must find a local alternative.
  2. Sweating when I’m all dressed up.
  3. People calling me Ann/Anne. Only my family and a few other close relatives/friends are allowed to call me that. My name is Anna, thank you very much. =P
  4. Crazy truck drivers in Manila. The drivers should really consider having driving training (like CDL training, maybe) before they are allowed to drive those big vehicles. I saw two separate accidents caused by trucks while I was there last week.
  5. Driving during a heavy downpour in Manila. Not only because it makes seeing the road close to impossible, but also because it’s even harder to see the annoying pot holes that’s practically everywhere.
  6. Having a rather slow metabolism. I envy those who can eat all they want, and never have to worry about putting on weight. Unfair!
  7. Barristas who don’t know their coffee. I encountered one at the McCafe near our flat, who didn’t understand what I meant when I asked for a Caramel Latte! I had to explain to her that it was just a regular latte with extra caramel syrup!
  8. KFC here in Singapore. Not as good as KFC back in Manila. They don’t even have free flowing gravy!
  9. Cebu Pacific. They gave us a headache on the night of our flight back to Manila last week. I’ll probably save the rant for another post (if I get around to it), but they were such a hassle! It’ll be the last time we’re going to fly with them! We’re also composing a formal complaint, which we will email them within the week.