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On Monday, I will Vote
Posted on: 8th of May 2010 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

The main reason why I extended my stay in Manila, is to be able to participate in the Philippine Elections this coming May 10. Being a registered voter for the past couple of years (this will be my 3rd time to vote), I know it is my duty as a Filipino to exercise this right.

I’ve been quiet about my political standing these past couple of months, because I have been busy thoroughly weighing my options. To be honest, it was only the other day when I finally decided on my Presidential vote. And my decision is one that I am very happy and confident about, because I believe he has the true capacity, in terms of passion, dedication, plans and actions, to lead our country.

My vote goes to Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro. One hundred percent. Why G1BO?

  • Because he is competent, with great scholastic and professional track record to back him up.
  • He doesn’t give false hope. G1BO is realistic, and he doesn’t promise the impossible. Unlike the other candidates, he does not promise to ERADICATE corruption entirely. Instead, he proposes to ALLEVIATE it, already with a systematic and reasonable plan on how to go about it.
  • Because he believes in positive campaigning. I am sick and tired of the other candidates bashing each other with negativity. I admire G1BO, because he has never stooped down to the level of attacking the other candidates. Instead, he inspires peace and reconciliation. Let’s face it, our country will NEVER prosper if political bickering continues.
  • He does not appeal to emotions just to gain votes.
  • He is one of the very few candidates not smeared with even a hint of corruption. And no, I don’t believe that his link with GMA will make him anyone’s puppet. As he said, “I will not be running for president if I were only to be a puppet, it is not worth my family’s reputation to do so.”
  • He has a clear platform, with abstract solutions. G1BO doesn’t just promise to work on our country’s problems, he has already planned feasible solutions. He is well prepared.

Here are a few (among dozens) videos, websites and posts about G1BO which really helped in my decision of voting for him.

“We are already an archipelago 7107 islands. Why should we add archipelagos of the soul and archipelagos of relationships? That’s why, in our platform, we aim to solve the poverty of the pocket, poverty of the mind, poverty of the environment and poverty of relationships which has been damaged because of a wrong political culture. And it can only be cured if we believe and walk the path of peace, justice, reconciliation, humility; respecting the dignity of each and every individual cos each and every individual is God-given.”
– G1BO Teodoro

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Quotable Quotes from Gibo Teodoro

Gilbert Teodoro is My President by enuhski

So, on Monday, I will confidently vote for Gibo Teodoro. A choice not based on popularity or family ties. I will vote for G1BO, because I have taken the time to think through and thoroughly understand my options, and I truly believe that G1BO is the most capable candidate.

Sulong G1BO!