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Gigs and Photos
Posted on: 20th of November 2008 | Under: Entertainment, Life & Love

Tagged along for EN-X’s gig last Saturday. They opened for an event where several hardcore “screamo” bands performed. Their songs are more on the alternative side, so being at an event where bands prefer “screaming” to actual singing was maybe not the best idea. The crowd wasn’t as enthusiastic as we had hoped. But we had fun anyway. We headed off to a small BBQ get-together with other local bands somewhere in East Coast after. Booze, food and meeting new people. XD

Here’s a photo of JR and I prior to their gig. I love how posing with the right angle hides the fact that I am quite big now. Haha! I have ballooned since I arrived in Singapore. Blame it on the yummy food, but hopefully my work will actually help get me back into shape (no diet pills, please).

I’ve been very exhausted lately, so I have yet to upload the rest of the photos on multiply or facebook. Will do so maybe on Sunday, when I have my day off from work. =)

EN-X Live at Cathay Cineleisure
Posted on: 12th of November 2008 | Under: Entertainment

EN-X performed at Cathay Cineleisure for the Noise Street Festival last Saturday. I’m not being biased, but really, they rocked the crowd! Even the host was blown away with their set.

There was also quite a number of the band’s friends and fans who came to watch.

Mel and Ate Trinna were there cheering throughout the set. We posed with JR like promising groupies after their last song. =P

My brother and Kenn also came. I don’t feel like sharing the photo I took with them that night, but here’s one taken on their first night in Singapore. =P

For those who missed it, you can still watch them perform this Saturday (November 15) at Scape Youth Park. Check out the event details here. =)

More photos in my multiply.

EN-X – Apologize (One Repulic Cover)
Posted on: 15th of October 2008 | Under: Entertainment

Check out JR‘s band‘s acoustic video:

One Republic’s Apologize (Cover by EN-X)

Can’t wait for them to shoot videos of their originals! I’m not being biased or anything, but seriously, they have awesome stuff! XD

EN-X Photo Shoot
Posted on: 13th of August 2008 | Under: Entertainment

I tagged along with JR to his band, EN-X‘s, first photo shoot yesterday. It was fun following them around as the official photographer clicked away on his camera with his professional photography knowledge and skills. I just clicked away using my amateurish skills. XP

Listen to their music on myspace.