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Hello, World! I’m officially ready for you now!
Posted on: 2nd of July 2006 | Under: Life & Love


Yesterday officially marked the end of college life for me. I had been anxiously anticipating it since classes ended back in April, and walking up on stage to receive my diploma (well, temporary diploma) truly left me overwhelmed. Plus, graduating with honors and having my medal pinned on my toga just made everything more wonderful. :)

It took a while for me to get to where I am now, and the ride was surely not all smooth-sailing. I did 3 semesters at an all-girls college before realizing that I was at a wrong school. A total waste of time, a few people have said, but I seriously beg to differ. I believe my experience in that school prepared me to what I was really meant for. It made me realize what I really wanted for myself and gave me the strength to just go for it. Transferring to my beloved PSID for my majors was the best thing ever and I actually enjoyed the 2 years worth of hard work. Going to CSB after for my minor subjects was another great and fulfilling experience, because it helped me test my abilities to the fullest.

A little over 5 years in College, and I must say that it was one helluva ride. I guess it’s finally time for me to face the real world and to embrace everything that it has to offer me. ^_^

* Crappy camphone shot, because our Canon Ixus 750 died on us after mom and I accidentally dropped it after the graduation! :( How unlucky, I tell you! It’s not even a month old. o_O;; We bought it because our old Canon Power Shot S50 died on us about 2 months ago, and we never got around to getting it fixed. They’re both off to the Service Center tomorrow morning.

My Brother Graduates
Posted on: 28th of April 2003 | Under: Life & Love

I’ve been a little quiet in here, haven’t I? I’ve just been a little busy taking time off the net and getting loads of rest. ;)

Yesterday, my brother had his college graduation march. He technically graduated last October, but it was only yesterday when they had the march. Exhausting. In the morning, his college (Masscomm) had their ceremony at the UP film center. It was a bit draggy, but I didn’t complain too much since it was cold. I was just happy not having to be outside in the extreme heat! o_O;; hehe.

It ended before noon, so for lunch, we headed off for some salad, pizza and pasta at CPK. We just love eating out. It’s our favortie time for being together and bonding. We try to do it often. Dad only comes home during the weekends, so we have to savour the time when we’re all complete.

Anyway, after having ice cream for dessert, we headed back to UP for the grand graduation march with all the other graduates from the different colleges. There were A LOT of them. Over 5,000 graduates!! And the heat was terrible. It’s rays were practically blazing at us. Good thing dad didn’t mind walking back to the car to get the umbrella. We would’ve been roasted if he didn’t. XP hehe.

The whole ceremony was exhausting. From the series of speeches to the actual recognition of the graduates. I was running around being my brother’s personal photographer. It was way tiring. Imagine a petite girl, walking around the field in a skirt and stiletto’s that were almost 4 inches high. bleh! My heels kept on sinking into the ground!! x_X;; LOL!

Since there were a lot of graduates, only those who received honors went up to get their medals. It was great seeing my own brother going up to recieve one for being a magna cum laude honor. We’re very proud of him. ^___^ Oooh, and I even saw Noelle, a friend from the SS yahoo group. I’m also happy for her for being another magna cum laude honor. ;) Wooh!

One of the things I learnt from the whole ceremony is from one of the speakers… “What is better than a long speech? –a short one.” hehe! True, indeed. I was already half asleep by the end of the whole thing. LOL! ^^;;

Went to mass at the UP chapel right after. I would’ve been more attentive if only I wasn’t as tired and sleepy. It even felt as if the fan blowing right at us was teasing me. It made my eyes even more groggy. o_O;;

We then had a yummylicious dinner at Little Asia. I loved their chicken with almonds and lemon sauce! mmm… I think that actually woke me up! ^_,~;; hehe. I loved their interior too! A mixture of native and pop art flare. wooh. The whole resto was great. 5 thumbs up!! ;)

A couple of pictures before I run off for dinner…

a funny shot of my bro with 2 of his friends (iya and deng). hundreds of other graduates in the background.

oh yeh, i forgot to mention that Bestest passed her audition for the music course (major in composition) in UP Diliman. she’ll be an incoming maroon freshman this school year! wooh! i’m so proud and happy for her. i even took a shot of her name on the list of those who passed when i dropped by the music building… hehe ;)

mother dearest and i during lunch at CPK.
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* Jen‘s back! ;)

Thanks for all the guestbook entries, guys! You’re all wonderful. I’ll promise to get back on all of you as soon as I can. ^_,~;;