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To Someone Special
Posted on: 18th of April 2009 | Under: Life & Love, Shoutous

Almost every year, I try to come up with online gifts for the boyfriend‘s Birthday. It has somehow become a yearly tradition of mine. The first couple of years, I was always eager to come up with different things to surprise him, but I lost the creativity and drive to create them for the past three years. Those were also the years that I spent very little time on my internet life and more time on my actual one, so I guess I somehow had an excuse. =P

For the benefit of those who weren’t present in those creative years of mine, here’s the list of the “online gifts” that I gave him:

  • 22nd Bday – This was actually before we got together. =P One of the many “projects” Rachel and I did. =D
  • 23rd Bday -Made this with the help of Rachel again. =D
  • 24th Bday – A simpler one-page greeting.
  • 25th Bday – Just a blog greeting.
  • 26th Bday – I didn’t make anything online =P
  • 27th Bday – No online gift again. But I flew here to Singapore to spend several days with him. I was still working back in Manila then.

Today is his 28th Birthday. For my online gift this year (I finally had some time on my hands!), I compiled greetings from a handful of his family and friends. A total of 46 greetings this time! =D

Check it out:


Click on photo to launch Birthday gift.


Birthday Greetings
Posted on: 21st of May 2003 | Under: Shoutous
Check out the gift I whipped up for her, from a couple of her online friends. ^_,~;; Go send her some loving, guys! ;)

Anyway, I’ll be a little preoccupied for the next couple of days (maybe even weeks). Yep, no more bumming around for me. I’ve been given a job project by my uncle. A deisgn job, that is. Yey! This is what I’ve been asking for all summer. I guess I’ll finally be busy again! I’m way psyched! ^_,~;;

My task is to design the lobby of a function hall. I have to do the plan layout, find the perfect furniture, decide on the color scheme, see which accessories would fit the design and do a dressed-up perspective of it. I’m glad that I can finally use the things I’m learning to good use.

I’m still a little edgy and nervous about the whole thing, though. It’ll be my first “real” design job. Yeh, I’m already used to making plans and designs, but this is different. This is for real. It’s going to be a design that’ll have an actual result. I’m gonna be really buying furniture and fixing up the whole place. I’ve been given a budget and I have to work with that. Plus, I’ll be dealing with real clients and have to present to them my design. sigh. It’ll be tough, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Besides, I know it’ll be a great experience. ^__^

So, yeh, expect less updates from me…. errr, as if I’ve been blogging much anyway. It seems as if I’ve been blogging only once a week. Oh well. ;)

Ok, I’m off to start on the designing. Wish me luck, guys! ^^;;