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A Beautiful Miracle
Posted on: 4th of November 2012 | Under: Baby Tales, Life & Love

**This will be my attempt to look back and share our whirlwind experience giving birth to a premature baby. Zoë’s NICU time, which lasted two and a half months(!), was a series of ups and downs. Most of it was really scary, but in the end, Zoë proved to be a great fighter. She is now a happy one-year-old, so loud and active, it’s hard to believe she came into the world so tiny and fragile.**


We are blessed. So very blessed, because God gave us a beautiful miracle in the form of a baby girl.

Zoë Sofia
Our precious gift.

No one can ever be prepared to give birth two and a half months too early. She wasn’t meant to arrive until November 2011. Eleven-elven-eleven, the day that we were looking forward to. I had pictured myself making that drive with my husband to the emergency room, armed with our hospital bag essentials. I had even planned on bringing my camera to the delivery room, hoping that one of the nurses could document her arrival. But all that went down the drain when our little girl decided that she wanted to come out early.


Health and Hospitals
Posted on: 17th of September 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Majority of our time was spent in the hospital during our six-day trip back in Manila last week. The main reason why we flew back on such short notice was mainly because JR‘s dad underwent surgery for bilial blockage and was in the ICU for several days.

As soon as we arrived, after a quick breakfast at my house with JR’s mom, his brother and my mom, we headed straight to the hospital. If we could have had it our way, we would have gone right into the ICU to visit him. Unfortunately, it was only seven in the morning, and with the strict visiting hours in the ICU, we were only able to go in after a few hours of waiting. I didn’t recognize him at first. He looked thinner than the last time I saw him. He looked frail and helpless, and it was a true heartache seeing his state. He was weak and barely conscious, but he opened his eyes wide and acknowledged us when we greeted and talked to him. He was moved to his own hospital room after three days and we were happy to see his progress. He finally had the energy to move his arms and could finally speak a few words. On the night we had to leave, he was already talking straight and was speaking to JR and I for almost an hour until we had to leave. There are a lot of other complications with his condition at the moment, but we’re really hoping and praying that he gets better soon.

Coincidentally, someone from my family also underwent surgery on the same day that we arrived. My uncle, just like JR’s father, also suffered from a bilial blockage. His was caused by quite a number of stones found in his gallbladder, which they removed right away. I went to the hospital to visit him with my mom just as he was being transferred to the ICU for a night of close monitoring. He spent a few days in his own hospital room and is now slowly recovering.

Also, on the day we arrived (a lot happened that day!), a new and beautiful addition to the already big Viduya clan was born. My closest cousin gave birth to a baby boy (time to take out the crib and strollers!) through a C-section. Unfortunately, the baby had to stay at the hospital for a couple of days due to some infections, but thankfully he’s now better and home with his family.

The trip back home was a real eye opener on how precious health and life is. I actually know a handful of other friends/family friends who are also sick with different things. It seems that this year has not been very favorable healthwise to a lot of people I know. Did I mention that my dad got into an accident twice while I was gone (that was barely three months!)? It wasn’t major, but hearing things like that get me really agitated. Life is so short, and having my eyes opened to the thought that anything can happen (even when you least expect them to), makes me want to cherish every single moment spent with my family and friends.

Please help us pray for the health and recovery of JR’s dad, my uncle and my new nephew. If you’d also like to request for prayers, I would be very glad to do so. =)