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Posted on: 6th of July 2003 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

A lot of people think and claim that intelligence is only measured by the highest score in an exam, how many books one has read, being able to memorize a book from cover to cover or becoming a walking dictionary. I certainly don’t believe in that a hundred percent.

Yes, doing good academically will carry you far in life, but for me, intelligence is more of how you deal with your life and what you make out of it. That realization came to me after chatting with an old friend a couple of weeks ago.

You may be ubberly smart when it comes to books. You may be able to discuss intelectual matters in different subjects with ease. But, can you really be called intelligent in life when, at the same time, you repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over? Or when you choose to do things even if you know well that they’re wrong? Or when you speak tactlessly about another person, hurting their feelings in the process? What about when you ask for people’s advices? You know that they are right and it is best to follow what they say, yet you choose to remain stuborn and go your own way.

Intelligence for me is beyond what one can learn from books. It is what a person acquires from the different experiences he goes through in life. It is being wise in how you deal with situations and doing the right and just thing when it comes to making decisions. Intelligence is being able to mingle with different people and being careful not to make harsh and tactless comments that may hurt others.

You’re probably not the smartest person according to your GPA or your IQ result, but if you know well how to deal with your everyday quest, then you’re probably the most intelligent person alive. ^_,~;;

Anyway, to snap out of my deep thinking, I’ve been extremely busy lately. First week of classes and we’ve already been greeted with a stack of work to do. Sometimes I’m even haunted by too much thinking of school work.

The other night, I was in bed thinking for hours about the work I needed to do. I was mentnlly trying to divide my time between all four of my subjetcs. I ended up muddling up my thoughts and thinking of all of my subjects at one time. Sometimes I wonder when my mind will be able to take a rest from all of this. I’m actually glad that I was able to squeeze blogging today.

After this, yes, I’ll be going back to school work. *sigh* A year and a half of hard work, it will be, but I know I’ll get through it. I just have to remain focused. ^_^

A page from my Design and Communication coursework, back when I did my IGCSE’s. I had to design the bottle, logo and display stand for a perfume.

Another page from my coursework. This is actually the time when I started having sleepless nights. I was extremely overjoyed when I got my final result though. My teacher had predicted that I’d get a C for the whole course, but when the Universiy of Cambridge sent back our grades, I got an A! ^^;;

My cabinet of art supplies and drafting materials is getting a little crowded already. I need a bigger storage space for them!

Aww, lookie, Jewelle suprised me a couple of days ago with this late birthday gift. A tall coffee mug with “Princess” written on it. ;) I love it! I can surely use it when I have to stay up doing plates. ^_,~:;
Fickle. Who, Me?
Posted on: 26th of May 2003 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Do people think of you as someone who’s higly fickle? Someone who has two sides in her personality and whose interests are both the extremes of contradicting things? I think I am.

I was lying in bed earlier and realized that my personality has two sides of everything. I love the outdoors and going out. I love hanging out with friends and going out dancing, but, at the same time, I’m a homebody. I love staying home, lazing and bumming around. I’m also perceived as someone loud, bubbly and hyper. That’s highly true, but I’m also quite shy. I can sit among a group of people and remain quiet.

I’m also someone who’s very playful. Someone who loves to laugh and act silly. Someone who chooses not to worry too much about the future and take things by the day. But, a lot of times I’m also the serious type. Someone who thinks too much. Someone who’s as much of a worry wart even if she claims that she is not.

Contradicting, don’t you reckon? I guess that brings out the Gemini in me. I’m indeed someone who’s fickle and has two personalities. Sometimes it’s hard coping with such personality. I end up battling with myself deciding what I really want. But then again, it can be good because at least it balances things. ^^;;

Anyway, I went out with Steph, Jewelle and Marlon on Saturday. We haven’t seen much of eachother since summer started, so it was great hanging out with them. We just met up in school to pick up our old plates then headed off to Galleria for a Japanese lunch. We just killed time, fooling around the mall before we headed off to Cubao for Jewelle’s violin lessons. hehe. Ok, so we didn’t have to tag along with Marlon and her for her lessons, but Steph and I had nothing better to do, so yeh. ^_^ Steph and I just roamed around the department store and talked over some ice cream while waiting. ;)

We got some neoprints at Galleria too…

back: Jewelle and Marlon.
front: Steph (right) and I (left)

a semi-candid shot of the 4 of us.

Music plugs:
(songs I’m loving right now)
* “Times Like These” -acoustic- by the Foo Fighters.
* “Half-Life” by Duncan Sheik.
* “Blinded” by Third Eye Blind.

Every Meeting Has a Purpose
Posted on: 24th of April 2003 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I’ve always believed that everyone we meet in life, we meet for a reason. I believe that there’s a purpose behind why certain individuals were made present in our lives. Some are there to make living a pain, and torture us emotionally. Some to keep us sane and happy. Some are there to show us what life is about and let us feel their unconditional love. Some are simply there to help and teach us life’s lessons. Some enter our lives only for a few minutes, while some enter and stay for quite a while. Either way, each and every person we encounter will leave an effect on us in one way or another.

So, if someone comes into your life and after a while leaves you with a feeling that you’ve been stabbed in the chest, don’t be disheartened; that person came into your life for a reason. If you have someone that keeps you sane, that never fails to make you happy, be glad; that person is in your life for a reason. If you have someone who loves you unconditionally even if your flaws are more than the good things about you, rejoice; that person is in your life for a reason. If you have someone that helps you understand the ways and realities of life, who shows you that there’s always something to look forward to, take great pleasure; that person is in your life for a reason. And, if you meet people who stay only for a minute and meet others who remain a while, be delighted; all of them came for a reason.

The reasons may be vague as of the moment. Some reasons may even take a while to understand. But, in life, nothing was put by chance or by mistake. They all come to transform and mould us into the person we were created to be. ^_,~;;

Ahh, writing that made me feel better. ;)

Anyway, I’m home alone tonight. Dad’s still up in Pililla… work. My mom, brother and sister on the other hand are out, checked in a hotel for the night (or is it 2 nights?). I’m supposed to be with them, but I just didn’t feel like going. I can’t believe I put off staying in a hotel and swimming all day to stay home instead. Well, it’s not like I regret not going at all, I’m actually happy that I have the whole house to myself. hehe. I need some “me” time anyway. ^_,~;; So, yeh, it’s only about half past 9 in the evening, but the whole house is in utter silence. The only thing I hear right now is the sound coming from the keyboard as I bang away on it. Heh, even the household helpers are already asleep next door, in our other house.

Maybe I’ll go put on some music. Turn the volume to full blast and dance around like some weirdo. haha. Oh well, I have the whole house to myself, so why not? mwahehe. ^___^