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Bumping Into Old Friends
Posted on: 28th of August 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Nothing beats the surprise of casually bumping into an old friend on an ordinary afternoon spent window shopping at the mall.

I was at Raffles City earlier and had just stepped out of TopShop when a guy who looked too familiar walked passed me. I had to take a second look before I realized that it really was Marcus, one of my High School classmates from ISB! I quickly called him, and he was just as surprised to see me. I mean, it’s not everyday you bump into an old classmate you haven’t seen in nine years! =P

We talked for a while in the middle of the mall: updates on our lives, on the others we’ve been in contact with, and talked about the 10th year reunion with our High School batch next year (if it ever pushes through, that is). It was kind of surreal. It felt like being back in High School, except we looked older (the same, but older) and a little bit rounder (that’s for the both of us! haha!). It was definitely great seeing him. It’s always nice to get in touch with old friends. Sure, Facebook has been one big reunion for ISB people; I’m finally in contact with those that I haven’t heard from since I left Brunei. But seeing someone and actually spending time with them (even for just a few minutes) is so much better!

I really hope the reunion pushes through next year. It would be grand to see my old friends together again in one room!