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April Updates
Posted on: 16th of April 2008 | Under: Artsy Fartsy
  1. I received my 5 free moleskines from Italy (thanks to Marsida Shyti) yesterday. :) I have yet to get photos of the actual exhibit.
  2. I got my Vivitar PN2011 from Mikko early in the month! :) A few bloggers / photography enthusiasts met at Abea, Serendra for dinner. It was nice finally meeting old online friends, and meeting new ones as well. I went shutter happy and used up 2 films in 3 days!
  3. It’s been a great month at work. My best month, in terms of performance, so far. And it’s only the middle of the month! :)
  4. I fly off to Singapore on Thursday. Lots of activities with JR! I am so excited! :)

Photo time:


Free goodies! :)


Bloggers / Photography Enthusiasts unite!


THE WHEEL. One of my favorite shots using my Vivitar PN2011 and an expired Konica Centuria 400.

April, Here I Come!
Posted on: 31st of March 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Things that I’m looking forward to in April:

  1. Getting photos of the London Book Fair, where my Moleskine Art will be exhibited. I already sent my sketchbook to Milan. :)
  2. The 5 new moleskines that I’ll be receiving for free! Yey!
  3. Meeting up with Mikko and a few other camera lovers on the 3rd. I finally get my first ever lomo cam (Vivitar PN 2011)! I’ve been itching to get one for months, and I just couldn’t stop myself any longer. =P
  4. My trip to Singapore for JR‘s birthday. I can’t wait!!!
  5. Getting my Holga 120 CFN when I get to Singapore. <3
  6. Spending quality time (5 days!) with JR. <3 Lots of hugs waiting! :)
  7. Shopping galore!!!!
  8. A good month at work. I’m expecting really positive clients in April.
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Posted on: 7th of August 2007 | Under: Life & Love

The silence in here should speak for itself. Yes, I have been busy, but frankly, not as busy as it actually seems. I just haven’t had much to talk about, really. =P

A quick update, in bullet form, just because. ^_~;;

Things that are making me happy lately:

  • Work. My Ethan Allen family’s just wonderful. Everyday at the office is opportunity, not just to learn something new, but to have fun while at it too.
  • Going to the gym. I’ve turned into a real gym buff. I’ve been going three to four times a week, and I love the feeling every time I walk out of the gym. I can really feel that I’m finally getting back into shape.
  • Mondays. My ultimate rest day. The only day when I can just sleep in, and have my DVD marathons.
  • My grandma’s well again. She’s no longer using her wheelchair, and has been walking around the house by herself. She’s improved so much in the past couple of months that her doctors have approved of her finally flying back home to Canada. I think she’s scheduled to fly before the month ends.
  • The wonders of cellphones and the internet. With the distance, it’s the only way JR and I keep in contact. Text messages, webcam sessions, and calls, topped with virtual hugs and kisses. <3
  • JR. We’re turning 4 years in 2 months, and even with the distance between us, our love for each other hasn’t stopped growing. I never used to believe in long distance relationships, but with JR, I know things are possible. <3

Things that I’m looking forward to:

  • JR’s 5-day trip back in Manila! We’ve been physically apart for almost 3 months, and the distance has really been tough for both of us. I’ve really missed having him around, and I know 5 days is not enough time, but it definitely is better than not seeing him at all. I’m beyond excited! =)
  • Getting off work for 3 days when JR gets here. It’ll both be extra rest for me, and quality time for us. Food escapade, here we come!!! XP
  • Getting my room back in a couple of weeks. I love having my grandma around, but sometimes I miss the comfort and privacy of having my own room.
  • My nephew / godson’s birthday party this weekend. It’s been a while since I last spent time with my relatives, I’ve missed them.
Remembering 2006 and Looking Forward to 2007
Posted on: 5th of January 2007 | Under: Life & Love

2006 passed quicker than I had imagined, and just as I had predicted, the whole year was definitely full of wonderful memories.

  • Early on in 2006, I finally got my driver’s license. I had been putting it off for years, and pushing myself to take classes was indeed one of the best things I did. I enjoy taking public transportation (learning how to commute when we moved back here was something I was really proud of), but I also enjoy having the comfort of driving myself anywhere I please.
  • 2006 also gave way to numerous reunions with old friends from Brunei, including this one. Of course, more pictures can be viewed in my Multiply account.
  • Graduating was my biggest achievement of the year. Walking up on stage made me feel so good, especially since I had a medal pinned on my toga for an honorable mention. :)
  • As a graduation gift, my parents bought me my MacBook, which actually still keeps me up all night. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it! XP
  • Our Singapore Trip was probably the highlight of 2006. Ten days spent with JR, sight-seeing, shopping and meeting up with my dear friends. It was one big adventure that definitely tops all the adventures that we’ve had as a couple. <3
  • Family occasions are something that I love, and my parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary was a family effort that we all enjoyed. Despite the obstacles that popped up along the way, we still managed to push things through beautifully. :)
  • 2006 was also full of love, and celebrating our 3rd year together was fun. Probably the best anniversary spent together. <3

Greeting the New Year was extra special, because JR spent it with my family and I. He came over early in the morning of December 31st and tagged along as I did my errands the whole day: shopping for bathroom fixtures with my mom and dad, doing the groceries, mass at 7pm, and then making tacos and onion rings for dinner. By midnight, we were out on the street watching pretty fireworks. We don’t buy fireworks/crackers, so our New Years are always spent watching our neighbors light theirs.

We watched….