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There’s No Place Like Manila
Posted on: 23rd of May 2010 | Under: Life & Love

Eleven years ago, if you had asked me whether I could considered Manila home, I would have flat out said NO. It was a fact that I had decided for myself, before I even gave the chance and time for the entire city to grow on me. It was my stubborn self closing the door right away, because all I could really think about was having to leave Brunei. Taking a sixteen year-old away from her friends and the life that she adored would no doubt have the same effect. I was a depressed, angry teenager, who wanted nothing more than for her life to return to the way it used to be.

For a while I was miserable being back in Manila, but then sooner or later, LIFE happened. If you ask me whether I consider Manila home now, then I would one hundred percent say YES. That’s why I didn’t mind moving and living here in Singapore two years ago. With Manila just a little over three hours away by plane, it’s just so easy to fly back whenever I get homesick. And I do fly back quite often. Three to five times a year, actually. And like most getaways, my trips back home are something that I really look forward to.

Last month, I flew back for a couple of weeks. And after spending lots of time either at home or out with my family, I scheduled dates with different sets of friends who were part of my hate-love journey with Manila.

With baby Jillan, Jewelle and Steph. This was actually taken when I was in Manila last January. Steph and Jewelle are a big part of my Manila life. We went through St. Scho and PSID together, and were even labeled by some of our PSID teachers as the “Tres Marias,” because we were practically inseparable. =P Baby Jill is the first barkada baby. :)

Bestest and I during her Graduation dinner treat at Brazil Brazil, Serendra. :) Kris and I practically grew up together in Brunei, and although we hardly see each other whenever I’m in Manila (it’s funny, but we talk more when we’re miles apart), it’s always a comfort seeing her. <3


Unwinding in Manila
Posted on: 16th of May 2009 | Under: Life & Love

I’m back in Manila for a ten-day trip. I arrived on Wednesday and have spent the entire week either at home or bonding with my mom and sister. The food has also been overwhelming. It’s difficult to ignore all the food whenever I’m in Manila. In fact, on my first day back, all I could just think about was what and where to eat! Good luck to my diet (no ephedrine diet pills)! LOL!

My dog, Gucci, has also made it pretty obvious that she’s thrilled to have me back home. She follows me everywhere and insists on sleeping next to me like she used to. <3


She’s a happy little mutt! =)


And I’m a happy mommy! =P


She loves me! Wheee! XD

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day with my family at out farm. Then next week I’m meeting up with different sets of friends.

It’s so good to be back home! <3