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Mood Swings
Posted on: 8th of February 2004 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

People say that I’m moody. They say that my emotions can shift from one pole to the opposite, in just a couple of minutes.

I won’t object to their claim, because I myself know that I am moody. One minute I can be boisterously laughing out loud, and the next, I can be looking all irritable and gloomy. It’s somewhat ironic, really. I am pretty easy to please. A simple gesture will get me smiling all day. But yes, my mood changes negatively just as fast too.

Why the fickle mood swings? I have yet to understand it myself.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I expect a lot from people that most of time I get disappointed if those expectations aren’t met. I even remember talking to Nikz about it some months ago, and she mentioned the same thing. There’s really no use in expecting people to act or treat you the way you want them to, because there are chances that you’ll just get frustrated in the end.

My being sensitive adds up to my being moody too, perhaps. Even the simplest things get me annoyed. I guess I just take a lot of things seriously. Which isn’t always good.

I know that it’s not right to demand too much from people. Everyone can’t be exactly the way you want them to be. And yeh, that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to get all moody either.

Err… maybe it’s just the effect of every woman’s “monthly visit.” XP haha!

Anyway, we spent my late grandpa’s death Anniversary today. Check out the pics here! ^_,~;;

Negative Emotions
Posted on: 14th of April 2003 | Under: Life & Love

I re-read my previous entry and I was battling with myself for 5 minutes deciding if I should delete it or not. I hate writing and reading my negative emotions. I’m not used to myself being as peeved as I was yesterday, but I guess it happens. I decided to just keep it. Besides, people should see that I can have negative thoughts too. hehe. ^_^

I am feeling better. Several people shifted my moods back to my normal hyper self last night. Thanks, guys. You guys did more than making me smile, you guys made me laugh like there was no tomorrow! bwahahah! ^^;;

5 reasons why I’m happy today:
01. I slept nicely under my covers, in my cold room last night. ;)
02. I got an unexpected e-mail from a close high school friend. Aww, I just love receiving e-mails!!
03. I indulged myself with some cold halo-halo this afternoon. It was perfect for the boiling weather!
04. I was reading my personal diary in high school and I could not stop myself from cracking up at how silly my friends and I were! hehe.
05. … because… because I’m just HAPPY today! ^_,~;;

Nikz, Marz, ate Jannie, Stephen, Paolo, ate Grace, MG, Mel, Chrissy and Glenn.

Bad Vibes
Posted on: 13th of April 2003 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I’m in a not-so-good mood today. Gawd, I wish I could just lock myself in my room, blast noises from my stereo, cover my face with my favorite soft pillow and… SLEEP. Waaah. I must’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. No, wait, I didn’t even sleep on my bed last night. I had to squeeze in my parents’ room ‘coz a few of our relatives slept over. Gah. I don’t mind having them around, in fact, I love it when they are… but, I always find myself a little too moody than usual when I don’t get to sleep on my own bed. o_O;;

Sheesh. What am I talking about?!? Being moody because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed? I hardly got any sleep last night! I was practically up til dawn working on this little “project.” I’m so not making any sense… but, who cares!?! Noone. So I’ll rant… because I want to rant. -_-

I was annoyed and irritated the entire day. I’m sure the extreme and unbearable heat caused me to be more moody. It was darn hot. I was out with mom, my bro and sis and the sight I saw while we drove along Roxas boulevard got me way peeved. There was a bus in the middle of the road and a guy was standing facing it. Guess what the guy was doing?! Peeing on the bumper of the bus!!! The heck! How rude can people get?!? Pee in the middle of the road where a lot of cars were driving by? Fudge. You don’t see men peeing in the streets of Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand. I bet it’s only in this darn country where you see that happening! sheesh. It’s just like seeing a man peeing near a wall where a big sign clearly says “Bawal Umihi Dito.” Heck! Some people are just hard-headed pricks! Gah! Sorry for being so blunt, but….. GAAAAHHH!!! >_<;;

We dropped by the church in Baclaran. My heart softened when I saw this lady beggar with her son. As much as I wanted to give them a big amount of money, I just couldn’t. Besides it would’ve been unethical to do so… and I’m not rich, so I just handed both of them a P5.00 coin. I was hoping to hear a heartfelt thank you or at least a smile from the mother and child, but, what did I get in return? A sour expression on their face, accompanied by swear words coming from their mouth! Heck, I heard the child saying aloud as I walked away, “ate, p* i* mo, wala ng nabibili sa P5.00!!” …translated into English, that would be, “you *beep*beep*… you can’t buy anything with P5.00 anymore!” Gawd!!! I so wanted to march back to the kid, to scream and maybe slap his face! What the heck!!? I was already being nice!!!! x_X;;

There are way too many RUDE PEOPLE in this country …and it sucks! o_O;;

I was hoping to feel a little better when we headed off to Glorietta. I thought maybe shopping would cheer me up… but I wasn’t in the mood. I was tired and annoyed. Even the cup of caramel sundae couldn’t take away the frown masked on my face! sighz…

Excuse my post. My day just didn’t turn out that good. Someone make me happy. Someone make me smile! gaaahhh! =(

The Perks
Posted on: 8th of April 2003 | Under: Life & Love

It’s funny how small things get me all hyper and perky. Take for example when I was at the mall just this evening. I was sort of in a bad mood with, never mind the reason, but, as soon as I treated myself to some CARAMEL sundae, I felt better. heh. Weird, I know, but I’ve been seriously craving for something caramel for a couple of days already. For some whacked up reason, anything caramel makes me happy! haha. Well, there’s no doubt about it, I love CARAMEL! ^_^ hehe.

Err, yeh, I guess I am that shallow! o_O;; heh.

Darn, I’m not feeling too well. I have this headache that’s been torturing me since I arrived back from the mall. My back’s in pain too. I bet it’s from staying up till morning. I should really quit spending too much time online. Maybe do something a little more productive…? heh.

I need some rest!

music plugs:
* “Why Don’t You and I” by Carlos Santana feat. Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. I’m so in love with this song… and woooh, with Chad’s husky voice!!!! ^_,~;;
* “Waiting for the Dawn” by a local band- Blue Funk Note. Darn, I’m in love with this song too! My bro’s getting a li’l annoyed with me playing it over and over again.. o_O;; hehe. Well, Slyde, their vocalist, has a wonderful husky voice too… so bleh! hehe. XD
* “Angels or Devils” by Dishwalla.