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All At Once The Crowd Begins to Sing, Sometimes The Hardest Thing is The Right Thing All The Same
Posted on: 25th of April 2010 | Under: Entertainment

The main reason why I maintain this blog is to be able to jot down experiences that, a few years down the road, I would still love to look back on and remember. One event that’s quite note-worthy was watching The Fray live at Timbre Rock & Roots last month.

The music festival was held at the F1 tracks at Marina Promenade, with the breathtaking view of the Singapore Flyer as its backdrop.

The whole festival started as early as five in the afternoon, but knowing that The Fray was scheduled to play last, we arrived at seven. The open-air setting of the festival made the wait quite enjoyable. Other bands played, and we enjoyed their tunes as we sat ourselves down on the ground (or more technically, the F1 pit) and sipped our beers with the rest of the crowd.

The stage.

The hubby and I. :)

Just before The Fray went on, we managed to station ourselves right behind the metal barricades towards the left of the stage. We didn’t have a central view of the whole performance (the reason why I didn’t get to take photos of some of the band members), but our spot, being right in front of the crowd, gave us a pretty clear visual of the concert. Plus, our location gave me a thirty-second close encounter with Isaac Slade (the band’s singer) when, before ending their set, he walked down the stage and stood on the metal barricade right in front of me!


Still Shocked and Sad
Posted on: 26th of June 2009 | Under: Entertainment, Life & Love

This blog feels so neglected. I’ve been quite busy lately that I’ve had very little time (and maybe little motivation too) to update. But, today I woke up to the saddest news I’ve heard all month. I could not believe that the King of Pop Michael Jackson, one of my all time favorite artists, passed away only minutes before. =(

I only had a few hours sleep last night and I’m still all groggy, but I can’t seem to get myself to go back to bed. Michael Jackson was a big part of my younger days, and I really am quite affected by his passing. I was able to watch him in concert twice for free back in 1996 (Dangerous and History), and like I’ve said before, those two are the BEST concerts I’ve ever watched!

His Dangerous concert was also the first one I ever watched! Too bad I don’t have the concert pictures with me at the moment (will definitely look  for them when I go home!), but I still have a pretty vivid memory of that experience. I remember I was in the crowd with my family and our neighbors. Me in my white shirt, denim overalls, maroon Doc Martens, geeky glasses, long hair and blue+white polka-dot scrunchy (I was such a geek! haha!). All throughout the night, I jumped up and down, sang and danced along with the crowd. It was one awesome night, and this morning I actually cried while I watched videos on youtube of the same concert.

This was the concert. <3

It wasn’t only the catchy tunes that drew me to his music, but it was mostly the words and meaning in them. His lyrics are truly magical! They’ve touched me, made me sing, made me dance, and made me cry at the same time.

“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” – Michael Jackson.

Today I join the world in mourning and in lighting a candle for one extraordinary entertainer. Rest in Peace, MJ! You are definitely LOVED, and you are truly a LEGEND! <3

American Idol 2009 Top 3
Posted on: 7th of May 2009 | Under: Entertainment

So, this year’s American Idol Top 3 are Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey.


I wasn’t too surprised. I predicted this all-male final. These three have had the most number of fans since the Top 12 were chosen, and I was certain their fans just wouldn’t let them down. But based on last night’s performance (Rock Week), where Danny was obviously the weakest among the four, I was really hoping for him to go. I reckon the judges (except for Simon) were too nice to him. His last note was just awful, but America still made him safe from elimination (safer than getting wholesale term life insurance, perhaps?). And Allison’s performance was definitely way better than his, even if the judges thought otherwise.


I loved Allison’s look during the Rat Pack week (photo above). So glam rock!

I cried while watching Allison’s final song. She’s not exactly my favorite (I love Adam, by the way), but I thought she rocked it. Probably the best elimination song I’ve heard this season. I’m sad that she had to go, but American Idol winner or not, I think she’s gonna go far!

Can’t wait for next week’s performance from the Top 3. Let’s see if America made the right choice by voting the all-male final.

**Photo credits go to (Rat Pack week).

Take That Look From Off Your Face, You Ain’t Ever Gonna Burn My Heart Out
Posted on: 8th of April 2009 | Under: Entertainment

Less than two weeks after the awesome Coldplay concert, the boyrfriend and I were back in the Singapore Indoor Stadium for yet another rocking concert. This time for that British band who was very much a part of my teenage years: Oasis!

Oasis was probably the first rock band that I really enjoyed listening to back in High School. That was the time when my musical universe revolved around the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, 3T and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. I was mostly a popstar-loving teenage girl, who swooned over Howie D. and TJ of 3T, and idolized all the different persona of the the Spice Girls. Yes, I was that girl who loved to dance and performed on stage to the tunes of Wannabe, Stop, and Get Down! LOL!

But then there was Oasis. The band who managed to make me appriciate rock music a little better. I had an Oasis craze back in High School and overplayed their tapes (recorded copies only, because my sibs and I had no allowance back then) in my yellow Sony Walkman for months. Sometimes I would take my walkman, walk around the garden, close my eyes and pretend I was standing in the middle of an actual Oasis concert. I always dreamed of hearing and seeing them live, and was beyond thrilled that it finally came true last Sunday.

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Oasis fan anymore. To be honest, prior to the concert I wasn’t so familiar with their latest album. It was only about three weeks ago when I actually listened to their new stuff. But that didn’t stop the boyfriend and I from seeing one of the greatest music legends from our younger years. And I was really happy that we did.

I thought the concert was great!

A lot of people commented that it wasn’t as good as they hoped it would’ve been, and certainly not as grande as Coldplay’s concert just a few weeks before. Frankly, I think the two bands should simply NOT be compared. Coldplay is Coldplay. They are known to perform “full-on” concerts with their bouts of jumping and running around the stage. While Oaisis, on the other hand has always been the reserved type of band. They go on stage, play great music and talk very little. That’s how they’ve always been, and that’s what makes them Oasis. I paid to go to an Oasis concert and frankly, that was exactly what I got. :)

Here are a few photos of the whole experience:


I thought the lighting was awesome. There were massive lighting equipments (like those big outdoor lighting) strategically positioned behind the band. The effects gave just the right mood for the different songs that they played. I also wished that we had been downstairs with the rest of the standing crowd. The energy seemed so alive down there, and I wish we could’ve jumped around with them too. =P