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Take That Look From Off Your Face, You Ain’t Ever Gonna Burn My Heart Out
Posted on: 8th of April 2009 | Under: Entertainment

Less than two weeks after the awesome Coldplay concert, the boyrfriend and I were back in the Singapore Indoor Stadium for yet another rocking concert. This time for that British band who was very much a part of my teenage years: Oasis!

Oasis was probably the first rock band that I really enjoyed listening to back in High School. That was the time when my musical universe revolved around the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, 3T and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. I was mostly a popstar-loving teenage girl, who swooned over Howie D. and TJ of 3T, and idolized all the different persona of the the Spice Girls. Yes, I was that girl who loved to dance and performed on stage to the tunes of Wannabe, Stop, and Get Down! LOL!

But then there was Oasis. The band who managed to make me appriciate rock music a little better. I had an Oasis craze back in High School and overplayed their tapes (recorded copies only, because my sibs and I had no allowance back then) in my yellow Sony Walkman for months. Sometimes I would take my walkman, walk around the garden, close my eyes and pretend I was standing in the middle of an actual Oasis concert. I always dreamed of hearing and seeing them live, and was beyond thrilled that it finally came true last Sunday.

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Oasis fan anymore. To be honest, prior to the concert I wasn’t so familiar with their latest album. It was only about three weeks ago when I actually listened to their new stuff. But that didn’t stop the boyfriend and I from seeing one of the greatest music legends from our younger years. And I was really happy that we did.

I thought the concert was great!

A lot of people commented that it wasn’t as good as they hoped it would’ve been, and certainly not as grande as Coldplay’s concert just a few weeks before. Frankly, I think the two bands should simply NOT be compared. Coldplay is Coldplay. They are known to perform “full-on” concerts with their bouts of jumping and running around the stage. While Oaisis, on the other hand has always been the reserved type of band. They go on stage, play great music and talk very little. That’s how they’ve always been, and that’s what makes them Oasis. I paid to go to an Oasis concert and frankly, that was exactly what I got. :)

Here are a few photos of the whole experience:


I thought the lighting was awesome. There were massive lighting equipments (like those big outdoor lighting) strategically positioned behind the band. The effects gave just the right mood for the different songs that they played. I also wished that we had been downstairs with the rest of the standing crowd. The energy seemed so alive down there, and I wish we could’ve jumped around with them too. =P


Highlights of 2008
Posted on: 11th of January 2009 | Under: Life & Love, Thoughts & Emotions

2008 was a rather eventful year for me, and because I feel like it, I will recall the memories in bullet form:

  • I greeted 2008 at home with JR and my family. The best way to start the new year!
  • In March, my moleskine art was one among thirty others chosen to be exhibited at the Moleskine booth at the London Book Fair.  It was an opportunity that really took me by surprise. Most of the other artists were from Europe and the USA. Only two of us were Asians (the other was from Japan), and it somehow made me a proud Filipina for being able to represent the Philippines alongside other more prominent Nationalities.
  • I flew off for a quick trip to Singapore for JR’s birthday in April. Being physically apart for almost a year (although he did fly back to Manila for vacation several times), I just couldn’t let his special day pass without spending it with him.
  • Early into the year, work at Ethan Allen became a never ending roller coaster ride. I was no longer happy and satisfied that in the middle of the year, I finally decided to file my resignation. It was a decision that I had a hard time making, because as exhausting as it was (the work, that is), I was sad to leave my office mates.
  • For my 25th Birthday, my family and I went on a three-day trip to Hong Kong. We used to travel a lot, but ever since we moved back to the Philippines, we’ve all been caught up in our own lives that we never had the time and chance to go on a getaway together. Spending time with them on my birthday was definitely a treat, especially since two weeks later I would be leaving them to live in another country.
  • In the middle of June, I packed my bags and moved to Singapore. It was one giant leap that I finally had the will power to take. No regrets whatsoever, because I believe that in the last seven months, I have grown immensely, both personally and career-wise. Finally being with the boyfriend has been wonderful, and like he said, “in our five years of being together, this is probably our happiest year yet.” =)
  • On the third week of July, I was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer for my moleskine art. It was a surprisingly big article, and was definitely another “I made my family proud” moment. =D
  • September was a rather emotional month, because we lost JR’s father. In the five years that I knew him, he always made me feel that I was really part of the family. We miss him, but we know that he is happy where he is now.
  • October 2008 marked our 5th year together. Our dinner celebration was probably our best Anniversary to date. <3
  • I moved to Singapore to primarily look for work. It was a lot harder than I thought, but after several months of applying and going to job interviews, I finally joined a company in the middle of November. It has been quite stressful, but I’m coping. Besides, I believe I already learned a lot of new things.
  • 2008 was also the year that I finally got to read more. A total of seventeen books. I was hoping to read more, but once I started working again, I could no longer find the time to read. I’m hoping 2009 would be more generous with leisure time, so I can indulge myself in books more.
  • To end the year, JR and I flew back to Manila for close to two weeks. It was definitely what I needed. An opportunity to de-stress and spend time with my family who I missed a lot. I wish I had more time to do more shopping though (perhaps some Rackmount monitor? Probably not). I found myself rushing every time I was at the mall, that I flew back to Singpaore forgetting to buy a couple of goodies I intended to.

I greeted 2009 at home with my family and JR. The perfect way to start the year, I must say. I’m hoping this year will be another fruitful one. =)

There’s No Place Like Home
Posted on: 30th of October 2008 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Life & Love

The homesickness bug has finally bitten me. I miss my home in Manila. I miss my family.

I also missed doing my moleskine art. It has been almost three months since I last touched my paint brushes, so yesterday I took out a fresh moleskine sketchbook and started working. And as I was browsing online, I stumbled on this lovely quote:

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave,
and grow old wanting to go back to.”

– John Ed Pearce.

It’s so true, and I feel every word speaking to me.

But either way, I’m still happy where I am. Love is overflowing. Being with him is home too. <3

I Miss My Old Job
Posted on: 29th of October 2008 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Okay, that’s not exactly a hundred percent true, because I hated the stress that went with it, but I miss my old job because of my ex-officemates. We were the best team to ever grace Ethan Allen Manila. Really, we were. Even the other designers and managers can attest to it. We did everything together: from helping each other work on design proposals, to food tripping, road trips, Boracay trips, watching videos (we used to sneak in DVDs during weekends! lol!), to just plain wandering around the showroom to test/play with the tv lifts. Our bond and team work is just irreplaceable.

I can’t wait for December! A couple of them are flying into Singapore to visit two of us who are now living here. =)