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The Wedding
Posted on: 15th of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love

Did I mention that I turned 26 last June 1? I guess I didn’t, didn’t I? That’s because I was happily running around being a Maid of Honor the entire day. :)

Wedding photos, as promised:


I love these two! They made me run around on my birthday (with only 2 hours sleep, might I add!?), but I enjoyed every minute of it! <3


I missed the first half of the Gate Keeping, because I was the last one to get my hair done, but I still managed to join in on the fun when we tortured the guys into doing things for us. LOL!


The Four Sisters complete after 10 years!!! I truly love these girls. <3


10 Years Later
Posted on: 1st of July 2009 | Under: Life & Love, Travel Junkie

The last time I was in Brunei was back in 1999, before we left and moved back to Manila for good. I’ve been wanting to go back for so long. My family lived there for a little over six years, and although it may seem such a short time, those years were definitely packed with so many wonderful memories. In fact, I genuinely believe that Brunei contributes to 70% of my growth as a person.

After TEN YEARS, I finally flew back. :)


JR and I on board RBA.


The Arrival Hall in Brunei. I was surprised that after oh so long, the airport still looked the same! LOL!

Warning: A ton of photos under the cut. I always take too many photos. My computer memory is seriously suffering and is at the brink of overflowing already!


Weddings Are Love
Posted on: 6th of May 2009 | Under: Life & Love

I love going to weddings. The entire thing from the diamond engagement rings, to the preparations, to the “I do’s” and all the way to the reception. I always get teary-eyed seeing brides walking down the aisle to their groom. There’s just always so much love in weddings! <3

It’s specially more heartwarming when the bride happens to be one of your closest friends.


I went to Dinesh and Cecilia’s ROM back in 2006. JR and I flew here to Singapore just to see these two. The whole ceremony was beautiful; the bride, the groom and the love those two have for each other was inspiring.

Next month, on the day of my birthday to be exact, these two are finally having their church wedding. JR and I are going to be there as their witnesses (I’m one of her bridesmaids too!), and I just can’t wait! It’s also an excuse for us to fly to Brunei (where the church wedding will take place), and I’m equally excited about that too. After ten years, I’m finally going back to the place I called home for a little over six years! (:

Girl Bonding
Posted on: 22nd of April 2009 | Under: Life & Love

I’ve been spending a lot of time with close friends lately. Last week, I was busy running wedding errands with Cecilia, my closest childhood friend. Being one of her brisdesmaids, I helped her with her invitations and tagged along to her gown fitting too.

The weekend was then spent bonding with more friends over food, drinks and Rockband for JR’s birthday.

Then Monday afternoon, I was happy to have lunch and coffee with Chinky, another close childhood friend, who was in town for a few days.



It’s always nice hanging out with friends you practically grew up with. No matter how long we don’t see each other (it’s been about two to three years), we never have problems picking up from where we left off. <3

Tomorrow, it’ll be dinner with some Pinoy plurkers/bloggers (I’m excited to meet new friends!). Next week, it’ll be more girl bonding over a salon trip and a weekend getaway. Then mid next month I’m flying back to Manila for a little over a week to relax and unwind. I haven’t planned anything for my trip yet (no rv camping or anything), but I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and more friends. There truly is no place like home. <3