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Ion Orchard on HDR
Posted on: 29th of October 2009 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

Finally got around to trying HDR. I was out shopping a few days ago when I spotted the pretty view of the new Ion Orchard. Decided to take shots of it and created this HDR image when I got home:

Ion Orchard on HDR

Ion Orchard

More of my HDR trials in my flickr. :)

Heart Bokehs
Posted on: 13th of October 2009 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

I’ve been on a photography frenzy these past couple of days. It’s what happens when I’m stuck alone at home, with only my imagination to keep me company.

My latest craze at the moment are bokeh shots. Been trying to create images using different shapes as bokeh filters (not air filters), and have been having a blast bringing along my toys into the picture.

Here’s one I shot the other night, using heart bokehs:

Dreamin' of You.

Dreamin’ of You. <3

And this is what I looked like, shooting with my heart-shaped filter:

Bokeh fun!

Yay, hearts! :)

More of my bokeh shots over at my flickr. :)

EOTD: Purple Flush
Posted on: 10th of October 2009 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I’m back in Singapore! But only for a month, this time. In between making designs for a certain family project, I’ve also been taking advantage of my idle time by playing with makeup. It’s about time, because I haven’t really touched any of my recent makeup hauls!

Since most of my recent purchases have been eye shadows, I ended up doing an EOTD. I wanted to do a dark-to-almost-smokey look, so I chose my new pot of purple shadow from MAC (Nocturnelle).

EOTD: Purple Flush

Eyes closed. Taken with flash.

EOTD: Purple Flush

Looking away. Taken with flash.

EOTD: Purple Flush

Eyes open. Taken with flash.

Products Used:

  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Nocturnelle
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Black Tied
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Dreammaker
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Shroom
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  • L’Oreal Double Extension Waterproof Mascara

I was a bit lazy to do the rest of my face, so I just used some MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30 under my eyes, and dabbed on MAC Studio Fix in NC35 all over.

EOTD: Purple Flush

The look was actually a lot darker in person.

My quick makeup fix also triggered me to do a mini photo shoot of my own, complete with soft lighting:

Self Portrait

There are two more shots in my flickr. :)

Anyway, being back in Singapore means more food tripping for me! I have to be careful, because I might end up gaining all the weight I lost when I was back in Manila. Haha! If only staying away from food (without any weight loss diet pill, please) was just as easy as counting from one to ten! LOL! Good luck, me! XP

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S
Posted on: 12th of May 2009 | Under: Geek Talk

Lookie, I have new toy!


My new Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S in pink! <3

Finding film for my Polaroid Spirit 600 has been very difficult ever since Polaroid ceased its instant film production. I haven’t seen a single store in Singapore/Philippines (they don’t sell them at Dansko either) who have any stock left! The prices of the ones being sold online have even gone up, and that doesn’t even include shipping yet! It’s just so sad, because I really think Polaroids are great. They print instant memories, and each photo is always unique and personal.

While searching for cheap Polaroid 600 films online, I stumbled upon an LJ spree who sold the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S for a lower price. I had been wanting one for months, and I finally gave in, because it was a really good deal. :)


My new toy next to my beloved Polaroid Spirit 600.

The Instax Mini 7s is definitely no Polaroid, but it’s still a wonderful alternative. I still get that instant gratification upon seeing the result a few seconds after clicking. What can I say, I just love instant photos! <3

Fuji has even made additions to the basic experience of the classic Polaoroid. Unlike the Polaroid where the battery is part of the film cartridge, the Instax Mini has it’s own battery compartment (for 4 AA batteries) that’s part of the camera. The quality of the prints have also improved, with its automatic built-in flash, infinity focusing, a high quality Fujinon lens and a simple exposure control which you can switch according to your light conditions.


Instax Mini film vs. Polaroid 600 film.

Instax Mini films come smaller than the Polaroid 600 films. About the size of a credit card, they’re great to stash inside a wallet. To top it off, the films are also a lot cheaper than the Polaroid 600!

I just found out that the films are cheaper in Manila, so I’m gonna go stock up when I fly back. ^_^