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Photos of My Life No. 1: Makeup
Posted on: 2nd of June 2010 | Under: Fashion & Beauty, Life & Love

Thank you for all your photo requests for my Photos of My Life project. :)

The first set of photos, as requested by my sister Carla, will be my stash of makeup. Now, I don’t really have that much makeup (not as much as my makeup artist sister, that is), but I reckon I have quite enough to satisfy my slight addiction to prettifying myself.

Here’s my makeup stash:


I keep my makeup in these drawers from Muji. If you read back to one of my blog posts almost two years ago, I revealed my neat-freak personality, pointing out my love affair with cleaning and organizing my stuff. Storing my makeup in a neat and organized way is therefore not a big surprise. Like I said in my post before, these drawers were love at first sight. I started out with only two layers, but since these are completely stackable (I can buy extras whenever I want!), I bought 2 more layers a couple of months ago.


I keep different types of makeup in separate drawers, that way I know exactly where to find things when I need them.

Now, let me give you a tour inside my drawers. :)


Photos of My Life
Posted on: 30th of May 2010 | Under: Artsy Fartsy, Life & Love

If you don’t already know, I love photography. I enjoy taking photos, whether they be styled or random shots. My Flickr has over 700 photos of my love affair with cameras and photographs.

Belong to Me

I’d like to try something new this time, and I’ll be needing your help. :)

All I need you guys to do is to ask me to take a photo of any aspect of my life; be it a place or an item or something that symbolizes something to me. Ask me anything you might be curious about (from stuff in my bedroom, my favorite shoes, or other random things), and I’ll post a photo of it.

Don’t be shy, guys! Just ask away. This will definitely be a great way for you all to get to know a little bit more about me and my life. :)


Here are the completed photo requests: